I only like Biden

I worked too hard not to take credit for the planet I own. We eliminated the hand stamping during the outgoing administration. My work days are long and hard, so why suffer for the planets I own? We don’t need failure projects for the incoming administration and yesterday we could fire the contractors affecting our budget I identified and they are the high cost ones and why are we going to keep the contractors who are overspending and are collecting payment. The American public needs to know and the media is our watchdog  and both sides of the aisle need to deliver for the American people.  We have every bit of gold and money back  and the differential was paid to Janet Yellen. She was doing well with Saudi Arabia yesterday. We are in the Biden administration and were working on retooling American car manufacturing and hopefully our gold space program and renewable projects are deliverable. Merrick Garland confirmed soon. This administration has no need for Richard Cheney who was an arrest warrant in St. Louis Missouri and in reality he should not be allowed to collect payment based on his participation with our adversaries against American people and I hope they prosecute all those who did so during the outgoing administration. We have all data and it is public.

Professional athletes get paid $300 million and so why should I not get paid $128 million for saving 7 billion people’s lives when I started out working against human eating and that is proven and the outgoing administration as well as others are on record as having desired that reality against the American people we defeated. We need to identify who wanted to harm the American people and never pay them. And they can pay me at my home. All of my data needs to be added against outgoing to include the mortgage fraud investigation

Our work against harvesting has been credited to the incoming administration as the outgoing administration and even trump wanted it to happen. The alien agenda admitted, “We’ll just pick them up when they have the hand stamp” and Donald Trump took his side and admitted, “That wasn’t supposed to happen for another 2-3 years,” so this administration has taken credit for the defeat of the extraterrestrials and will not hand stamp one American. It is nice to have Dr Jill Biden in the White House and we have no fears of human eating, as Melania wanted that to happen and worked for russia as a russian spy and I have that on record.  We get credit for our victories against the alien agenda and I can collect payment. Others had been working on harvesting and they are working against us and they should not have credit for their defeat. Biden won the election and we need to move away from all white alien agenda material

“I was in on the harvesting” are other individuals who should not collect payment from Biden

We need forward readiness in space with no silver ships belonging to the white aliens who were tied to cocaine.

Gold program should be happening and we should use our surplus for good purposes

We own all 9 planets with the incoming administration and “Ann Diener owns the Planet” should be delivered and I work hard for the American people.

We consider it a violation of the 14 Amendment to accept bribery from our adversaries and San Diego District Attorney’s where the satan worshipping was going on from received their resignation notices when the Biden justice department came in.

Smart Id had been banned as soon as the resignation notices went out to them. This eliminated their drug laundering and allowed us to keep our Driver’s Licenses.

I am free to talk to the media as an American journalist and a public servant working against our adversaries and our planetary rights are exclusive for humans

When do I get paid for work I have done