Lifestyle’s History 25 Years of Service

When individuals like Speaker Nancy Pelosi criticize my lifestyle behind the scenes it hurts. It was not my choice not to have a beautiful home and tailored suits. I really became President and take that job as a function seriously, even though I am a backup President, and where the American people are concerned I will always be there for them. Donald Trump is legally and lawfully deposed by my testimony now validated. I also proved that his teams stole 2016 and someone made me the President, who I did not agree with, however I continue to work for the voters every day until depositions get filed for the financial crimes I testified against. I have worked consistently hard for the American people to be more secure. It is like something about her lifestyle, thinking she can get over on the voter or maybe it is disdain as a result of me being stolen from for over 25 years. Demeaned and put down I am. If she had 25 years of her income stolen from her in small amounts every day, no matter how hard she worked, what would she look like today? Would she be still fighting for even her constituents on the limited income she has. I had big deals that would have netted me millions of dollars in businesses I started and participated in. Sionix is one. Millions of dollars in commissions stolen by this same group. I would live the lifestyle Pelosi desired for me, if I had not have been stolen from. Do I keep fighting to make that lifestyle happen for me and every American, yes. Why can’t we make that happen? Why can’t I and we recover the stolen money from these men? They did cause the bankruptcy in Orange County in 1994 and with all evidence and data used against them, this case should be made. We have good times ahead if so. I will keep working in earnest to make the case against those who stole then. I am a Bernie Sanders supporter and not a radical.  God protects me and that has always held through. We need calm transitional government in our future.

Some Democrats are not that different than the man I deposed. Real Democrats and Real Republicans have always had that debate. How much was stolen from the voters? We have a campaign season and need to vote for our interests without interference. We now have the opportunity to move forward. Who will govern in the interim? Deposed stole 2016 Trump has used the White House for personal profiteering and also protecting himself personally. He has used government for his personal financial gain.  Certain individuals have used this as a leverage point for the personal looting of our country and they should be shut down as they have already been identified. We need to identify who has benefitted from the virus experience and how. There is lots of money going around and we need to insure the American people receive the money themselves, and these are petty criminals who want to steal jewelry from people. If I am needed as President I will serve and lawsuits against Trump personally should go through. I have to be able to use my data to assist any lawsuit against him. Deposed Trump stole election 2016 and Leahy has some sort of speaking tours over my house. The alien oriented people are attempting to kill people with the virus for good intentions as Prince Charles was likely given the virus. Aliens exist and have been identified as harmful off worlders who came here criminally at times even available in the CIA database.

Communism is sourced from off world.

It seems like there is a debate going on in the background of communism versus socialism. Where is our Constitutionalism. That is the only thing all Americans believe in. I never liked the word, “socialism.” I think of it as communism with some sort of twist that has been done to limit the real egalitarian system we all crave, where all people have rights and equal freedoms and are also financially protected from those who are vultures. Government is responsible for this task. I wonder where did the word socialism come from. Is it like the fact that Karl Marx was paid for by the uber elite to spread lies to the people long ago, when Eli Kropotkin was technically more popular with Mutual Aid. In the late 1800’s there was a competition for the type of society they wanted to create and Marx won over other all stars Kropotkin was one who competed for the common man. I wonder if even Sanders is fooled by it, the way these harmful extraterrestrials enter into our lives covertly entering in some sort of alteration for what would be real human value systems and corrupt it with some illegal word choice, so they can be made fun of. Constitutionalism governs our country.

Sanders is a Constitutionalist and declared it. He wants an egalitarian system in his own way.

This is interesting because the word socialism relates to the Paris accords maybe where our American gold standard was taken from us criminally, likely. We hold onto our own standing free of foreign influence.

“The term socialism was created by Henri de Saint-Simon, of France one of the founders of what would later be labelled utopian socialism. Simon coined the term as a contrast to the liberal doctrine of individualism,” from online dictionary.  This was likely done to attempt to take away the our individual rights to strength and standing, unknown to us. We are in a position now to take those rights back with our gold standard and money back to be delivered. Saint-Simon was likely much like Karl Marx in his ability to fool the people into surrendering for some sort of ideological grounds. America does not surrender to any nation under my leadership here. We need to out those attempting to take away individual freedoms in exchange for personal profiteering. Are they trying to reduce manpower of police and sheriffs for people to be looted, even the wealthy? As neighbors it is also our responsibility to protect one another, so I am going to the store and do some looking around. We all need supplies. Costco is up and operating normally. Our community works hard and I am working to help as much as I can. Hopefully I get paid for the work I have done to prove our case.

No stealing wealthy or median income people’s jewelry, and maybe it is because of what I found out about the looting these extraterrestrials intended to do that this quote I found out about that I made a wrong assessment, however he is an individual seemed to be involved in stealing. Previously I would think that behavior is too low for him, however based on commentary and intended actions, I suspect I may be correct. Was he that low? Maybe yes.  Only time will tell. Did he intend to steal from the stock market, from innocent unknowing people, before being prevented? I judge a person based on previous intentions and actions. Those opinions are considered over the long hall of evidence collection.

Again the extraterrestrials who landed here did not pay for our planet we own outright when they criminally landed. The paypoints were done with the intention to steal American citizens liquidity through insolvency manufactured by devaluing through drug money, that was unneeded and unintended by some. It is widely known that few want the handmarkers. There are some people who do not take our world as seriously as I do. I am not sure what this cocaine planet is about, it seems like really pretty ladies and celebrities on cocaine covering up for a financial criminal. I work against that type of behavior. The pretty ladies and celebrities on cocaine can do what they want. I protect them too as much as I can. I am not into legalization of cocaine as the substance is harmful. I also don’t like this group stealing my power away. They should not monitor my movements to launder cocaine for individuals I consider armed and dangerous thieves. I am not clear on how people do not understand these are repeat offenders of financial crime, of unknown of ramifications to even the cocaine ladies they hold onto. It would be like if they stole from even them every day, how would they feel?  Terrible, and maybe it does happen. What is the offender’s behavioral pattern? Piracy and dishonesty. I would approve arrest warrants if I were you. What is the benefit allowing their behavior to exist to our community?

Constitutionalists exist to be protected. I long for us to return to individual participation levels like we had before. It will happen. It is only just a matter of time for everyone and we must attack those who attacked us ideologically limiting our individualism at their roots so perhaps we can make a difference to even those who have misunderstood us.