I may make very little and I care for your interests

“We outfitted him with money,” said Dick Cheney and members supporting Bob Stevenson to be their planet owner. I stand against them with their monitoring contract here at my home done to soil my reputation. They gave me the Presidency in their secret closed door proceeding, and my side probably wondered what that was about. It is still an official job that I am trying to conduct to the best of my abilities, protecting America as much as I can with what I find out on time. They wanted to harm us all again this morning and Cheney sees his monitoring contract as permitting my information not to be read. It is public and volunteer. I am a journalist. He had a contract for our gold standard and told me I would get paid through one of his men impersonating a government official operating under black budget credentials. He did it with the intention to mislead the American public.

Why can my side not sponsor me and my work as I am the one who made our galaxy come alive and Sun stay.

I am glad downtown at Navy they said “Timeshare lady still has depositions to file,” and they only rented Dick Cheney team the ship they had their party on. I am not part of their crowd. I became President can the individuals who know I have depositions to file relieve me of the Presidency Cheney’s team gave to me in person by me resigning to them alone.

Please call me. This is an official job and I have done a lot of work to complete those depositions. It has been 2 1/2 years now without pay.

(760) 672-2028

Our gold standard and money back are ours. Our goal at the start of deposal was to reset America to a Sovereign Constitutional Republic that we had back in 1789. If not I will continue to look for a better paying job and keep participating as we all should this election season. I became President of the United States and support either Senator Elizabeth Warren or Bernie Sanders, who had his Presidency stolen last time from him. I am against communism so the Cuba comments he made concerned me.

“The President is her and we only need depositions filed,” and I understand. I am ready to do the depositions. I will be happy to campaign with friendly sides if needed. I really wanted an investigations job.

People think of me as a small person, yet internally I am part of the world leadership as big as the people on TV with the work I have done. 18 years of debt slavery to be erased.

This is not meant to be a great article. It is to get data out to the right hands.

It is embarrassing what Dick Cheney has done with the surveillance and monitoring in my home. They are terrible here.

Do not look into my home when they offer you the opportunity.

“She’s a pretty girl and I can see her combing her hair,” said by honest side while Cheney’s team runs perception management with the overhead surveillance.