This is the most underfunded science fair project of the century

It was now found out why some unknown group put in electronic wiring and package install directly after my negative install was done correctly. It was the Nixon Congress trying to hold back my planet I own outright and I had wondered before why America was suppressed versus other nations globally. It was done for alien agenda to stay here longer than before expected and made it painful for survivor participants here. I have worked without pay this whole time as the men enjoy their lavish lunches and pay each other back and forth. America had to overcome their package install which put us lower than other nations around the world. America was like a low light brown encircled country versus those above us. The telephony was ordered through the Rosicrucian Order that held us back and we will overcome them. Lava did flow in from the east to the west of our country a few days ago and now it has made it all the way to the ocean. Our planet is only getting stronger each day

We are expecting honorable, honest off worlders to check on my negative install in our future and one that I had a visual of when he comes to check and see how humans are doing here will because he knew the others that came here in their gold spacecraft will say shocked, “they really owned the planet (outright) and they put Nixon in,” making it more difficult to complete our install and we will make it

It was said earlier today that America has to come to terms with its own negative install by the world body

I plan on meeting a male counterpart from somewhere else in the near future as required as our negative holder.

Off to work

Sun controls our negative