Recovering America from fraud, waste and abuse

I found out this morning why it has taken so long to press charges, there is a group that is most detrimental to American citizens who are voters operating likely through the State Department and other agencies on top of criminal activity within the agencies, called Mystery Guests, they have advanced knowledge of space and other star systems, and work behind the scenes of our government to embezzle funds. I often wonder why our government could not recover the trillions stolen on September 11th and at other times we did manage to stop theft through Department of Defense with independent investigations into TCIM and others, it is them. They are likely behind fraud waste and abuse which is where I want to work as President for prosecutions only now with depositions to be filed, or Vice President if chosen by an incoming administration.

How do we identify them? I was wondering why my quote by John Brennan did not stop the release of Drawing Rights, “From where we’ve been Central ID usually wins,” that humans working in our government would not want to protect themselves, it was them operating in the background. Humans would not want extraterrestrials to control them with a valueless currency that would harm our country long term as was found out. They were likely behind all of these historical financial trades made against America. We are recovering America from them. I will provide more data later.

How did this start? Brennan was traveling in space and came upon our star system and found it jacked up by the boulder builder species, so he integrated with the culture that was ongoing then and they had set up space stations for working parties. Aboard one of such stations, he met one rather human like one  who said, “We’ve got to make a pact right here on this space station to take the planet back for our own kind,” said to him then by one of the Mystery Guests who wear suits and always look nice. They are the “agency lifestyle” in reality our government wants and needs a real agency protecting American voters financially.

When I wrote down the above quote, Brennan got paid, and said he can “at least keep his boat explosion running,” meaning the drug trafficking

Can we make a pact right here to stop all drug trafficking devaluing the Americans I serve?

They are the reason why elections get set up, how do we stop them. 2016 was stolen, and I provided now validated testimony. I was given the Presidency for prosecutions.

Why is the Paul Allen Congress able to “shit can” me to cause more fraud, waste and abuse? How can I properly testify? Include all data

Who is paying these people? They control the media.

They are arrogant, “We chose to release drawing rights no more but bust me you will not,” their attitude on the campaign trail. How many of them are there? 63, that are smart enough not to want the hand markers and 180 working for the drawing rights with 1 white and 3 green species ones.  Of the 180, 148 are honest and need to work on other projects today. We need a non-drug laundering President.

Those 180 people do not realize they do not need to do the drawing rights, and that is fraud, waste and Abuse

“When Central ID failed we did not know what to do next,” they said and it was not the fault of 148 of them. It was a lack of innovation and ingenuity on the part of the Trump administration. and a lack of depositions against them for the drug money laundering I testified against as land grab. The 148 themselves did not choose to participate with how the drawing rights were created through cocaine planet revenue from methamphetamine sales with the programmers, they as government employees would be against and I am on their side. It is campaign season so the 148 can be reassigned while administration officials who stole 2016, meaning did not win, campaign for their jobs again while depositions are filed against their financial crimes.

This idea of Disneyland planet was done just to keep going with the same land grab I testified against before and was even referred to as such by those who launder. It was testimony, and used evidence by the individual who came here to take depositions. Anyone laundering drug money has no right to comment on me nor my credentialing abilities.

How can we make a good functioning financially sound economy without it?

It is clear why they would refuse to give me the Presidency, because they launder drugs, though I became that.

Because I spoke with Senator Patrick Leahy before do not pay him money back

When Brennan came into our star system, he had just a small spacecraft, why did he need all of that money from drug laundering? It is for Congress, so it can be shut down now.

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