New War Crimes Tribunal Data

It had been heard before regarding the conflict in Idlib, Syria previously reported on here as conducted by insider terrorists who received gas masks 24 hours in advance of blaming the Syrians for harming the people there, that this was set up and verified as insiders. I scouered Twitter back then and found the terrorists communications about receiving the gas masks to validate that this was true because I could not believe it when I found out. I wanted to make sure it was true before thinking about it in that way.

It was true. I have the data somewhere. I visually saw their communications on Twitter discussing the gas. They were Turkish sponsored terrorists that gassed the people. It was the United States that did this then that sponsored the Turkish terrorists then. Why did we blame Assad? To steal the oil for Soros? It seems like now they were clearing some sort of trucking route for the oil coming from the south. That is the part that we were missing. A change of hand could be going on overseas to our side the honest one fighting for freedom and that is who I support.

How does an operation like this happen? It was also heard, “If he crosses I’m going to take that one down,” said about an American service member with the overhead weaponry.  He was part of the team working in the area for freedom. This overhead weaponry has been an issue of huge contention.

I am always fighting for the guy the overhead took down, killed, to kill the terrorists who are harming the civilians. As the people grow stronger on the planet we own outright, we can take down the overhead.

How does it work the overhead work? Why do we allow it to make our combat decisions for us, especially if it harms our side. They seem to spy down, as it was called before “Dick Cheney’s eye in the sky.” Then when troops are moving in their positions they chose who wins and who loses to steal oil likely. Why do we keep on fighting for war for oil?  It was found out concretely now that our wars are for oil. Not by us or for us, but by those operating the overhead who use it to threaten oil rich countries into paying them for protection, and the entire combat operation is run on the overhead. If we had the keys to it we could control the battlefield and there would be nothing unknown to us. We could stop the killing of our service members and of civilians. America would win the war on terrorism. My goal for over 19 years now. I know why they set up the command now against me.

“I get my money from oil rich nations,” said by someone who pays for a lot of political campaigns. In San Diego it was found his money went into the rival who ran against the current San Diego District Attorney and interestingly enough when she ran after accepting the money she lost.

Our opportunity is growing against these large  terrorism suspects. I wrote at Veterans Today, and I did not have it confirmed why war stories were not reported on accurately. Sometimes there is too much spin. You see a person’s writing and you think they are reporting the truth to the best of their ability and not biased for a side you are against. How could they support our adversaries covertly for money? This would be outed as espionage. Why are they given credit to kill our service members?

“See we can take your ass in,” to our team said Soros to Duff in 1991 when he was kicked out of Iraq I found out for illegal arms trafficking suspectedly. Yes Veterans Today is a Soros funded publication likely. Is the publication used for arms trafficking now? Is that why they arrested its staff early on?

At Veterans Today, they gave you a story and when they were forced to face additional data to come forward to stop war crimes, they refused. I always suspected Gordon Duff, the senior editor there, as being involved in criminality. I searched online and found other people he had harmed. He was likely involved in financial crimes, as he sets people up and profits from harming those around them using them as a point person to conduct his criminal operation. He is turned in to the FBI.

Thinking about that now, why did they let him go and run this whole quest at my house with the telephony? How much money has he stolen during that entire time? That is scary. At least I have the data now against the overhead that harmed me too. We must work to take control of it.

There was something missing to Duff’s stance that appeared against war and to support American service members, yet he would not go against our adversaries and those who harmed us with what he knew to protect America first. He appeared honorable, yet there was something deceptive, and mean to him. I have turned him in. I remember when he gave me a graphic for his website to work on, it was about magicians, and he is a magician for money against most people.

Here he caused people to betray themselves in what they would normally do so he could hold all of the cards after they let him go from jail in Orange County. I knew he was arrested then, yet no one would tell me what happened and why all of VT’s staff was arrested which I thought was slightly wrong then, yet as I knew Jim Dean had been arrested before, I thought there was something criminal to them. You fall in love with publications and cannot believe what you know subconsciously. One day I questioned what Duff did so I spent hours tracking him online, and now based on my personal experience her ran this entire private embezzlement operation from my house against commands.

Not all stories are great.

In our world we are becoming closer to identifying the controllers and what their purpose is, criminal activity, so hopefully soon, we will be equal and able to take their machines down. The first step to taking them down is to know they are there. What would it be like to have privacy? It would be nice.

What positions do we all need on the battlefield today to actually root out the evil doers? We need the overhead. Is there a battlefield, or are we just friends who are taught to fight each other by machine operators?

Hand stamping criminal. I would never want one. America has taken great pride in protecting its citizens from hand stamping, handmarkers and will never have to say, ” What a mistake we’ve made. No one will accept our currency. We won’t be able to borrow again.”

We have our gold standard and money back to deliver to all American people. It was our work today.

There is no cost for the planet I own outright. There is no need to pay other people. They gave those running the embezzlement operation $48 million. They were the ones running the cocaine money laundering operation using the telephony and it is criminal to launder drug money. It is nice when it is all revealed so that we can see who is guilty. It took a long time.

Do not cause terrorism on my watch service. Duff actually wanted our service members to serve overseas detention for war crimes he committed with Soros. That is a big fish. I always go for the bigger fish for America to defeat and own them.

We know why G’s material does not belong in the mainstream media. How much money did they make off it today? I am not liable for their drug money laundering out with the telephony. It connects to Cohen, not my side. They should be charged with it. I don’t own the whole planet and using your wiring here will not get you any money. The commuters own the planet.