Pain and Suffering

I have spent more time and money investigating the outgoing administration than anyone. I own our planet and work here. We worked against human eating and stopped them. Now it is time for payment for me. We do not need to pay other people this time as so many cons garnered payment saying “Aliens can stay here” and we are human.  I am tired of their sing songy ways. They are turned in for what they did, prostitution . The Russian ones cost me, and I do not want to sleep with Gordon Duff, aligned with them through Veterans Today. Those involved with them should be under investigation. We know what they did. They have been turned in and used advanced machines to harm innocent people.

Our planet is ours. Future projects should be mine to deliver.  I am justice focussed. I have been hurt badly repeatedly. We deserve good spending and no strip tease that is gross and disgusting. I deserve compensation for the days I suffered to collect data. We need to use our resources. Why am I awakened every morning?

I want to be interviewed, and we need to be honest. All data can be used. I can get paid for retaining my planets. We work hard and others lie. My life has not been easy, and I have worked against many threats to our country. My knowledge is golden and America can be number one

Differential was paid and outgoing did not know where it went.

Good standing is always maintained from this point on