Defeating Extraterrestrials

We are in a Biden Administration so we need to focus on what he wants, so I am going to contribute my two cents worth. I have been at war now for 4 years against harmful entities and I intend to win. What can be done to get paid for the planets I own based on all data and in reality our planet is not owned by Israel. It is owned by all of us to include Middle East Palestinian supporters who have more power in diversity and we have our gold standards and our tax money and the differential on the land grab has been paid.  At least here the settlements were compensated for because finally individuals obstructing justice were removed from obstruction.

Do we need more information and when is Merrick Garland confirmed. He can go after Bill Gates who we have been after for too long. Did he create Covid? Can we assess liability against him and others. When all data is public you know who is who and Richard Cheney was already a bench warrant. He was already in on the Covid.

When can we have an honest discussion and we need to identify any and all extraterrestrial matter in our foods. So what is in the vaccines? We need to be cautious as we are discussing this morning “Can we admit hitler designed our country and finally end racism,” said regarding Israel, and in reality it was designed by extraterrestrials which we have few. Racism connects to the white extraterrestrials that cloned and we are ending them.  We know the white stuff is bad from extraterrestrials and they have tried to harm us so are they including more components in those vaccines? Yes. We must preserve and protect natural genes.

I am a public servant. We have a surplus of $80 gazzillion for Biden. Israeli only cannot talk to me and they were liable for the telephony. Haavara pact transferred jews to Israel under Joseph Goebbels, so in reality it was those involved in the holocaust who contained Jews. It was by design, people were favored and paid. Now with the incoming administration, we are working on destroying myths to protect the American people. Behind the transfer and payment of jews was IBM and their punch cards. When you see that it immediately points to Bill Gates. We have instant transfer of funds from the Treasury, and he should not have access to it for Covid he created. The $600 was just an example before for $2,000 incoming. America would be much more healthy with a direct transfer to every American. We need no shooting spree and any such thing is murder.

I am always working to end racism and to tell the truth. We can do both by acknowledging there does not need to be a hitler myth anymore as in reality he had brown hair and was likely poisoned by extraterrestrials to radicalize. We can manufacture Buicks and Chevrolets now with Biden and I hate those Mercedes vans from the human eating administration and I worked hard to find out all data to protect Biden from them and one preacher needs to realize that white stuff may be poisoning him. What will it take to remove the white chemistries. I am against Patrick Leahy and it was refreshing when someone said “I am going to run against him” in 2022. Harvesting ended and Biden was against aliens landing here. He supported “known felons” and we are against them.

We need real Democrats and real Republicans. Why is Leahy using the War Powers Act. Jails were to be used for methamphetamine users started during the Trump administration and that was the prison pipeline alluded to by Christopher Wray. I have always been against methamphetamine. I have never used anything other than marijuana and would not even know how to obtain a controlled substance from a perpetrator. Informant has always been me in regards to larger transactions and I worked to bust down south to include Christopher Wray who was busted on drug charges in Los Angeles, so I look forward to seeing some good opportunities in diplomacy and receive a percentage of every bust we made at the standard four percent rate. I destroyed their cocaine labs. It was nice when the drug business shut down and Los Angeles went dark. Guadalajara was also busted, and Obrador switched to Marijuana.

I know a lot more than most people and spent 23 years educating myself against our adversaries. Will I get paid for my service career when we win or should I run for Diane Feinstein’s seat. My mortgage fraud investigation should go through DOJ and as I drove by the apartments in Vista, CA, they seemed like they were starting to crumble. There was never a Fellowship needed on my planet and few know such an organization that kills and rapes kids as well as implants them. These are extraterrestrial tendencies and we are against them. I found the same implant I was given at 5 on my boyfriend’s neck. We need to stop all implantation against Humans and win. Never hand stamping and we are protected against Gates.

Harmful extraterrestrials die here and why is that a big deal? Should we give those who harm us welfare? Any change in our currency is that and we have cash printing.

Send the hand stamping bag men into custody and they did serve time before. One can root for turned in murderers to serve time. Their pictures are known and they have been in custody to include one Mercedes driver who admitted “I was already in jail for the murders I committed” and these others are just the same and called Israeli only. Do we need them with Biden, they were let go from DOJ and Biden did indeed fire the strange base commander.

Who could do this much work to save everyone? Biden did and we need no drug transfers at all. Everyone knows the differential was paid and Dr. Jill Biden is the one who is the First Lady, not a woman who knew about Trump’s russian banking needs based on how she started with him, as a prostitute. Smooth transition should require compensation to a woman who serves our country and insured financial standing. This should reopen the Wray cold case files against their prostitution now.  We need a new FBI Director as Wray actually said he would not make the convictions. Richard Burr is taking over at CIA and haspel has resigned. We have all data against Trump officials and I am ready to press charges at anytime. To me they used the White House as a brothel for drug running and prostitution and we are glad that changed.

We have detailed who else was involved with their prostitution ring and hopefully they will be arrest warrants. Trump Administration could be arrestable and it is not up to any sheriff’s department, it is the Biden justice department and all data is available to them. Why is drug running for profit allowed, they have been turned in and flynn did lose credentialing so why are those who were working with drug money and accepting bribery anticipating to steal from all Americans allowed over my home with chirpers. We never accept corrupt payments and by his deeds Biden is against those. We know who admitted to conducting 9/11 and it is sad that there was even artwork from one of them in my now dead dad’s home from one of them. We will not be hand stamped by people on a poster wanting to “roll us like puppy dogs.”

I keep track of who is who and who. Why are we waiting so long for them to be arraigned and why am I not compensated and it is no longer about real estate, how much was the differential paid out. I am glad those who obstructed justice were avoided as it was known that the station chief would have accepted my testimony freely and additional liability can always be pursued against others involved in the housing.

Do we want to compare evenly? Their apartments are over $2,000 per month where Americans are paid under $20 per hour and people are leaving California because of it. Those apartment homes along Santa Fe Avenue in Vista, California would be $3,500 and who makes over $100,000 and wants to live here across from a smog shop on the main road for that amount.  We have no jobs and a $900 apartment that is 460 square feet is a much better value on land. This is why they are just crumbling and who wants them? Why they ran drugs is clear. What is an apartment that people can really afford in this area, $1200-1500. It was just published that people are moving to Texas and Florida where people can get more for their money.

Prostitution sponsors admitted they wanted to use these projects to harm America financially. The city here was involved in a discussion, “What will Trump do when the project fails?” was asked. “Trump will go out and borrow money from other people,” was admitted and where he borrows from compromises us

Life is about good works you do and the sooner we get the bad off the planet the better. I hope to be married to Sean.

Nice to see the election convictions I started are going to be passed tonight. I deserve recognition and compensation.