Russians did not pay for the planet

Russians did not pay for the planet. Below ground jails could fall and I could get paid for the planet I own outright.

In the meantime, we have to continue to solve problems. There is no need for camera’s to create false incidents for dead children’s souls.

From yesterday, an individual was ordered to kill children and the supercomputer went on.

The operator said the following,

“I said accentuate the children’s age and accentuate the secret service agency lady of the future,” referring to me and attempted to turn me into a corrupt person that I am not, getting their dead souls to believe a lie. My goal is to take their souls into God’s hands and use them for our benefit of the honest side. We needed to know why they were killing children and what they used them for. I am always honest to the best of my ability, to a fault sometimes.

That is how they recruit souls criminally exposing them to fraudulent imagery.

It was found out the false imagery is stored on mainframe computers called false pictographs. We need only real imagery of real criminal activity.

Gold standard and money back get delivered to all American people. I also became President. Deposed Trump stole election 2016 and I am ready for depositions to be completed. Drug laundering is too lucrative a business for the Supreme Court.

I quest for the camera to be brought down.

The depositions need to be based on all facts and data I have on hand.

This morning we are after the drug money laundering that now pointed to the CIA Director.

The camera has been identified as connected to the Oceanside Police Department, and one example of harmful use is when I went to the beach this morning, there was no blockade, and then a cleaning crew put one up, so when I came up from the beach, I had to climb over it.

When I caught Senator Patrick Leahy killing children as is found to be done using the computing system, they tried to use the footage on me, “I can’t stand it she went on the beach well before so we’re going to see is we can use the footage wrongly.” I am a journalist on the scene reporting on the incamera,

It was also found out that they use if with planted controlled substances. Our goal is to turn the camera on the planters of controlled substances. Here at my home, one individual said “We’re going to plant some of those controlled substances we use,” and in reality when the camera is used the source of the controlled substances should be forced to be identified, this takes the evidence up the chain. His were sourced from the down south cartel. We need to bust them, so maybe we can use the Oceanside Police Department camera correctly to locate the large amounts of cocaine money brought into our area. Who has a lot of money in their account?

Leahy said kill children again this morning, and admitted to creating the disease called Covid, and he should be made liable for everyone’s having to be stuck in their homes or considering a trip to 7-11 a pharmacological experience with people wearing surgical masks and gloves. Disease cannot be spread any more.