Scrubbing out planet of invasive species

The scrubbing power of salt water in our ocean assists every day to remove harmful unknown substances to most people. How many Americans or internationals for that matter are aware of alien agenda sequencing used to look into their homes possibly even for blackmail purposes? Very few. It was found out the Paul Allen headsets were designed with this type of technology to harm humans. We are working to scrub the orion formulas with the natural power of our planet against them

“I say we use the Orion formulas with the brain cells we have onhand,” said boney Allen after he got cancer from the extraterrestrials he befriended regarding intermingling human brain cells with the chemistry from the harmful extraterrestrial species that came from the orion star system. These are a grey thin shaped species with chemistries that are harmful to humans. We need more of the power of the earth to scrub them down.

The eye camera in my face connects to my brain that I and others have allow them to see on our surface and we are working to eliminate that ability.

It was said by someone involved regarding the component in my brain, “that was the silver one,” the implant installed with Bill Gates, who referred to it on 11/27/18 as the “silver substance to enhance the alien agenda visual sequencing,” and is similar to what is used in plasma TV’s, an brown haired Israeli and blonde did it for them. The Navy did not understand how harmful the headset would be after Allen suggested installing it in my brain. The nice thing is that we have found out where the components come from and how they were intermingled here not to be destroyed by our planet through natural processes basically selecting down the Orion components in favor of the human brain cells as has happened before with our negative correctly installed. Who wants aliens pearing in their shower.

That has happened as it was found out these sequencers connect to satellites in space, so from someone’s face transfers the imagery around them to the satellite then to a monitor enabling that data to be transfered, so if you have one of these face cameras and look in the mirror at yourself naked, they transfer the boobie shots, very embarrassing to anyone.

This surveillance here has connected to my neighbor next door possibly or it could have been moved. When this quote was put up, I was trying to shower, hoping to have a blind spot put in. January 10, 2019, “By not being allowed to take naked photos of me now, my neighbor at 1250, subliminally admitted, ‘I cannot make her (me) embarrassed now for Xi in China to take over,’ ” and I said Nope. At least we know now that this harmful technology relates to human brain cells intermixed with Orion chemistry and we can continue to attempt to scrub it using the natural properties of the planet I own outright.

How they work:

They use something called and energetic which is a white disk like a small ball and drop it down in your presence from space. This enables them to be present in the same room you are in to interact and look around to manipulate the scenario. I have been visualizing salt intermingled in their small balls to enable fracturing in the future allowing for these “energetics” to be processed naturally. Hopefully in the future the alien agenda sequencing will not work. Invasion of privacy occurs daily

128 dead already from that star system being sent home

What they do here on our planet I own outright, “So we can control them better, we always have observation areas,” said regarding us humans by a skinny oblong headed grey extraterrestrial.

It was known to Allen team that I own our planet and they went to the Navy who at the time were not into alien agenda, they were into knowing God. Allen team roped them into this alien agenda stuff with the crimes Allen and Gates likely committed saying they needed the harmful technology to protect against the crimes they were likely involved with. Back then the old overlord had more power than we have and we did not know that he was a manufactured person by the boulder builder species. They were not aware of how much cloning and droning went on and how sophisticated this stuff was in space.

Spy agencies thought this technology would be a benefit enabling more power for them to know about individuals, however who controls who is needed to be asked as it has been found out that alien agenda used the technology to control the spy agencies and law enforcement causing them to commit crimes they never intended. Who uses those crimes for power needs to be analyzed and how? Stopped

Gates used the technology to tell the Navy I murdered someone, a crime I did not do, nor would do. “See she even killed someone,” he said. “She deserves to own no planet,” they said then, something I am working on changing through my research and data as well as stopping false incrimination technology. I am honest and a researcher. What I am not clear of is why law enforcement is involved in my home. Maybe it can help them to realize how they can improve and no longer use this type of sequencing that gives outsiders too much power over the locals.

I do not like being monitored and would be happy to talk with them about the data I have collected. It seems like once the technology breaks down naturally this will be easier. It is hard to tolerate crime is created to harm others. Gordon Duff who lied about my service career came in to the area with his tape recorders to continue the theft from America he and his teams intended when now deposed stole 2016 Trump came in. He knew I testified against their crime, and got in with the authorities here against even their interests to steal from them. Break down the tape recorders. This should be like the Nixon administration was caught with their tape recorders. We have had enough devaluing and embezzlement conducted by those who came in here. They just wanted to continue the scam I testified against. Duff was like a slimy salesman when I talked to him on the phone last in 2017, and he continues to this day that way. Steal him away from my home.

Stevenson who I informed for did kill a deputy to cause divisions initially in what he believed to be “satan worshipping,” or blood sacrifice, and this could have originated from the white alien he met when he was young with his dad, called junkyard alien. This species was deemed insignificant because they are no longer around however they were the start of this cult worship. I consider that a crime he committed when he killed Deputy Robbins then. It is hard to tolerate him being in my home with other deputies he lined up against me. I live a quiet solid life and work hard honestly and in earnest every day. I did call the department of justice on day 3 when Robert Mueller was hired and validated 2016 stolen. We keep our American assets for the 2021 winner, gold standard and money back get delivered eventually.

Because deposal happened we have more financial security because of my and our work in America. We have to stop financial crime against the voters and that is what I continue to work against. I am a Ralph Nader type advocate. The reason many people do not die in car accidents is because Nader found support for his seatbelts in cars that we buckle up with every day. Nader made a difference in his honest work, as he likely earned income honestly as I do. Constitutionalists exist to be protected Even in sales, I work hard to tell the truth to my customers.

Who controls who? I would like to stop all orchestrated murder or harsh treatment by machine. They increase tension with these sequencers to harm us. This peaceful neighborhood should return to that, and depositions can be filed against financial crime. Testimony is part of being a witness and not part of criminal activity. I am a witness who presented testimony that was used and later validated it. I always work against crime in everything I do. Financial crime is that, when someone illegally uses advantages to charge someone without fault. The double yellow lines here are a form of attempted embezzlement using these alien sequencers and satellite technology. The intention was criminal from the start and unneeded. People can turn left or right freely on this street without endangerment. There was no need to force a right turn.

“We thought those people in California were used to paying through the nose, that’s why we put them in there,” said regarding the double yellow lines, intending to charge people for tickets processed through satellite based cameras. They should remove the lines as it was intended for profiteering against our state and its residents. We need more happy Californians not a state full of residents ready to move out as they have been.  More people relocate every year. At some point overcharging us for the weather we enjoy has to stop.

We have to work hard to control ourselves against their behavioral modification. It makes me angry that Duff came here at all. He and Stevenson became the criminals harming the authorities and having them focus on me. As I said before if the camera was turned on Duff and Stevenson with the criminal activity they conduct, those two would be sent to jail. What you do matters daily. I go to work and work in earnest, never accepting corrupt money. I want no contact with them and to testify against the financial crimes they and others have conducted. We have no need for any overlord that they tried to create when the drone died. What is needed is real honest law enforcement against methamphetamine laundering as I saw terrible outcomes for the future when I went to San Diego with methamphetamine high individuals acting out on the street. The cost of this to San Diego tourism, one of the largest driving economic factors here, could be immense against the people who operate businesses here. Why would outsiders like Duff care, they would not and is one of the reasons he, Stevenson and Allen team care not about what will happen because of the cartel they set up here. We should care now as Super Tuesday is over to clean it up.

I work in tourism and want San Diego to remain strong and fun for visitors as it always has been. Individuals who stole an election working with communistic Congressional members should not cost our city. If you would like more information on the who is involved for lawsuit purposes, should your travel related business experience a downturn, please see this video, and help to start a class action lawsuit against them. More data is available for prosecutions feel free to send me a text message at (760) 672-2028. Deposal of Trump did go through, I am an American who was given the Presidency, and I did not know it was the corrupt men that did that. I work in earnest against the criminals I deposed. They stole 2016 and should have all been removed when that was validated to prevent future crime.

Blackmail modules using “alien agenda sequencing” likely as was confirmed by me transfer harmful imagery of good honest Americans to our adversaries. Who needs it? Enemies. It is time to stop our enemies operating criminally on American soil. I am ready to testify and contribute to honest investigations. There are no marriage rights to anyone now. Why did people think there were? The tape recorders were installed as ws found out back east as part of an “embezzlement operation.” People need to review what the operators have done here, laundered drug money, increased methamphetamine use through what they are importing, installed harmful technology, as is stated in the video, sent harmful blackmail photos overseas to our adversaries, continued to embezzle through machines from the stock market. If this was disclosed publicly, would the public approve of them? They would arrest them. I have turned them in.

President Ann Diener Gold Money Back. Adjudication of harmful buildings used possibly for espionage by same Congressional members involved in deposed stole 2016 with Russia Trump's cocaine land grab. How is started in 1991 Russian traitor.

Posted by Ann Diener on Tuesday, October 29, 2019