War crimes and identifying those who aided our advesaries

Biden won and he has claimed our victory over the harvesting with loose ends still to tie up against the outgoing administration that had aligned itself through Melania and Trump’s banking contacts as well as others they were involved with. Remember long ago we found out how their family was only able to use Russian banks, this is significant to identify others owned lurking in the background.

Michael Flynn lost credentialing and was likely bribed, and Gordon Duff still remains so as we look to the Biden administration it is important to point out Turkey and the relationships that lead up to the overspending by Trump officials

The Differential was paid despite them.

Richard Cheney was a warrant in St. Louis Missouri and a war criminal known

Please examine the roles of individuals who partnered with Hulusi Akar and the buildings they attempted to bomb as they should not receive credentials and they had been fired from DOJ and were considered “convicted felons.”

Long before Americans were compensated by our victory against the extraterrestrials with $80 gazillion that no outgoing official really wanted and whom these men slept with, these individuals worked with Akar and flynn who with Stevenson admitted, “We were terrorism suspects,” Akar was “dying to meet with us and he can’t come out of the states right now because of terrorism we (duff and Stevenson) planted in the building,” in 2018, and these individuals received bribery from our adversaries and how many women have worked against war crimes for 20 plus years to find out weakening American forward readiness was behind receipt of bribery from our adversaries.

Biden worked hard for Turkey to be honorable and honest financially and we keep honest standing as Americans.

We did recover all controllers and Biden was delivered them and others have been identified as Chinese side based on data and they were harmful. Obama had been fired from DOJ and these individuals are hold over in the background as they accepted Russian bribery

Will the outgoing administration be able to repay their war debt, differential and Covid expenses and individuals could be held personally responsible.

Cocaine was obvious and instructed to perform and those Russian ones we’re still going after. They had an impact on turkey and on decreasing forward readiness.

God works here and is free. I work for him.

I hope this is confirmed as Romney said on December 1, 2020, “I am am now arraignable for the covid we created with G and his team,” referring to Gordon Duff  and Trump administration both owned by adversaries and Biden did receive their paypoints accounts and those can be used against him and applied to costs by Merrick Garland as part of an ongoing housing investigation. “We were given the war crimes debt” they said  and it has been found that individuals who accepted Russian bribery were in the same position so who else could be included and Bill Gates comes up.

As he was forced to resign from Microsoft long ago during trump administration whose officials were photographed serving his cottage industry, how much do they have left against Covid and we do have other high profile people we can charge for American’s sickness and the vacation industry must be made aware of who is liable and the Department of Justice must be ready to charge those individuals for millions of travelers harmed since March 15, 2019.

How much revenue comes to California from vacations and who is liable for Covid?

Biden should never be second to treason and owned individuals.

Media appearances should be mine made up as a beautiful honest asset and all data should be used against anyone harming Americans or internationals

Turkey had been ruined by trump team and our armed forces had been confused and lost ground through 2019. Secularism should remain strong with anti-colonialism because we have a non-owned President with a non owned first lady.

“We all could have been vacated,” known about the owned trump administration and in reality that was the people’s will who believed in Mueller time and did not know how bribed they all were. 87% wanted them removed.

What would that 87% feel about giving them free apartments as a severance package to import adversaries to steal their jobs? That is what I reported on here:

Payment due to me.

Can someone at Department of Defense status my combat by intelligence means as assigned combat for 23 years with Military Beat as a startup where I learned what some did in the background against us, and we do not fall to our adversaries.  The best thing that we can do is collect their data and Biden was amazing saying “We charged back the wealthy landowners,”  and that brought funds in to fuel our fight against owned ones. Depositions have been filed by us.

Can you imagine if he published a list and stopped them, those 31 members creating debt and charging us for it. “31 members are under arraignment” versus Senator Patrick Leahy is up for reelection in 2022 and “those are my leadership for agenda 21” as he said. So we should campaign against him and them as we have all data against him, search @a_diener and 3 aliens are left. We know they are owned and should never arrest Americans and their names need to be published for the American people to secure their common interests against those who sided against them unknowingly and vote as many as they can out.

We have a duty to inform the American people who do not know those who suppress our freedom and we are a Constitutional government for good and we can pay out debt backed notes because Janet Yellen  knows Colorado has snow

Americans must serve their interests honorably and we serve all based on what we know and uncover.