Gold Program

Based on the flimsy construction of the SN10 it is not right for space. Seeing it explode again yesterday caused me to think about our gold program spacecraft that must be brought back to Biden Administration officials and is it found at the home of individuals caught yet again laundering drug money for Trump? They may have it there to keep it hidden so America cannot be independent in space travel, free from private interests who were too involved in their drug trade previously. Those individuals are separate from Biden Administration and outed.

Our gold program is sturdy. It has thrusters that enable humans to travel to other galaxies in 5 days. We need a real space force and the gold program is like a MIG 29 or F-16 fighter versus the SN10, a twin engine plane repurposed for show. We want the real ships to be made and used by our pilots in space to work on all 10 planets.  Thinking about when the arrived here, their captain was killed and he was human. There were two humans who arrived on gold spacecraft and they joined in the fight against the large boulder builder harvester that was later exploded. One died. The captain was later killed by Trump Administration. We did not approve of the killing of him.

He went through the sun that day and could not handle the velocity they created. Humans belong in space and that can be accomplished with the Biden Administration. We do not need jails built for anyone and it is a completely separate administration organized

This was small time drug trade this morning and it is illegal

Do not explode my space craft that had been given to drug users under Trump and we intend to use it for manufacturing with Biden officials. What is the value of that spacecraft?  This is an ongoing story. The gold program directly competes with Russia


“Vegas shooters were turned in again” said by me regarding Robert L Stevenson and I was promised they would receive 10 years for that and Gordon Duff  “trying to launder a little drug money” as a low life con.

A good day ahead for us.

Practical and real pays.

It was found out the MIG was sold to Russia before the USS Lincoln was approached by a Russian submarine.

We have 97 controllers in Biden’s hands and that was part of my planet ownership.

Constitutionalist and journalist and politician

I am a war crimes expert based on 23 years standing up for Americans.

We own the Planet with Bernie Sanders.

John Kiriakou is our side

“We have gold standard, the tax money was delivered and the differential has been paid” and can continue to be debited as housing values fluctuate against cocaine properties.

We to go after all russian convictions and those who accepted bribery from our adversaries and it is a violation of the 14th and we have all data to include ongoing facts for prosecutions.

Differential is the value of existing homes when compared to the cocaine properties and if they were considered excess

I hope we have our gold program and I can help Americans get into space for development there sustainability

“We received a letter of resignation from the Biden administration,” said and known so they should not harm American people.

I work hard for the American people and own our planet with Sean.

We have an audit coming up of the NSA and all data to include package installs and other spending should be included to be stopped

Maxwell arraignments should happen

Cheney was an arrest warrant in Missouri.

“I was a bench warrant in texas” said bush post tribunal and is he still and they are liable for 20 years of war crimes to include stock market crime from 2008 and we need to know how much they will pay back.

Christopher Wray had been arrested in los angeles and it was lied about.

“We passed her up for the war crimes tribunal,” and that is on record as of 2 years ago, so I should be allowed to participate with all data against the suspects we are auditing and all data used  to include all crimes committed that could impact Biden foreign policy decision making.  Discretionary spending is needed and I deserve my planet money from this administration  and deserve to work on my projects in all 50 states to make up for the stolen money from me for 20 years since my magazine money was stolen by the same people. I and the American people deserve a reset to 2000 with checks in hand from the Justice Department rather than from the war criminals tabulating my harvester kills as credits for them and Biden, “We are going to calculate those monies as straight credits at $1 per pound for 7 billion people” said and that awards me a check for $128 million.

Biden won by vote and was against aliens landing. Bernie Sanders can collect our payment and we can have fun working on our global sustainability projects which I have 17 years research and development on. We need American exports to compete with China and Russia.

A little about the history of our galaxy

Invaders to our Galactic sun said, “Let’s just give this world a devil and that way we can always just fight against him,” and he was a British boy who went to an American school. He stole $463,000 from me.  I want that recovered with interest as both were involved with 9/11 and one loved adelson who died and he was upset at the kill team that killed kennedy and I turned in the in and out shooters today again for a cocaine transaction to FBI

“Everybody deserves to be rich not broke” were his childhood words and that is what we have

I was blamed for 9/11 with the headset that was installed as the guilty party after it was conducted and I keep working for every victim to achieve compensation from the guilty parties including myself, so how can we achieve that today? Sanders did not have anything to do with 9/11 and neither did I, however Gates intimidated us from campaigning and now with Biden, how do we insure financial standing against them and it took a lot of work to identify the guilty

Constitutionalism is our guarantee.

Good standing is important.

The only way we will compete with our adversaries is to develop our 10 planets without hand stamping and that gives us something to dream about.

Congress should deliver the recovery money in huge amounts to compete as the CCP members all got paid

Biden won the election and has to move quickly on advancing human interests

Our projects would recreate the breadbasket of America and China, bring waste to energy to developed and developing countries and help deliver zero waste homes internationally.

Why would people hurt me for wanting America to be number one and knowing how we can achieve it

Agenda ended 3 months ago and so we are ready to work on good jobs creation projects here.

My first question of the day is how do I help our country to be successful.

Differential should be posted daily against paypoints members if foreclosures exist as those are devalued properties and we knew they used cocaine because he started the cocaine cartel. Cocaine was delivered daily and that was openly discussed, and not my fault as I turned them all in for down south. How would someone on a poster pay me for the planet? I deserve straight payment by Presidential seal from Joseph Biden and John Kerry for us to compete.

Planet payments could be a direct payment through meeting me

In any other country I would look like a dynamic woman by now

The best question I picked up is “As gates did 9/11 why am I receiving a vaccine from him.”  We know he did Covid and we need to pursue full liability against their profiteering. I do not write as consumer advocate for no action to be taken and it must be public. We are stronger than they are and need to see them as depositions to be filed against them for future debiting.  It would be nice to have a healthy planet. We are.

White stuff dead