What 9/11 was about

There was a harmful group in a space fleet that was scheduled to attack us around that time and they threatened Dick Cheney and Teams into becoming involved with them saying that they would blow our world sky high if they did not do what was asked. It was made clear to Dick Cheney when he remarked, “they said we had to go through with their plan or the next generation is just other star systems,” and they are still around here working against us all. Our negative installed correctly where it is supposed to be helps us defeat them however slowly. Cheney wanted to nuke them before when they started to take over our planet I own outright. I admire that thought about him.

This overhead has to come down. It was said by George HW Bush before he died, “Ann Diener cannot handle the planet on her own. Why don’t we give it some military might and install the overhead.” It is very painful and used for stuff I don’t agree with. I got a case of Urantia’s Kingdom Quest all on my own now. We need to tell the truth about September 11th to the media. It involves so many different personalities all trying to protect our world in their own secret way. Cheney did feel bad about 9/11 and he did it to protect American kids to actually grow up here, so in reality he did it to protect even me and our future install from them. I work hard on our planet for the people to come clean about what they did and why which is the most important thing to have a real understanding and not to be an embarrassment.

There is a war going on between extraterrestrials the old overlord had and the old guard Cheney has with him. They did not want to keep him in and knowing about what he thought about their space program, it makes me understand more how dangerous they are. They arrived here on that ship we are still trying to pull down and take care of the below ground jails. He should not have wanted to go on a space flight with them over our kind as they are harmful. They put people in cages almost right away.

Bush had no right to give half of my planet away to them thinking I did the install incorrectly. I did it correctly so that he could earn his half of the planet with everyone on it. Paul Allen had guys set me up on my driveway and make the Bush convictions come out the correct way, against Mr. Fancy pants and Allen suffragettes.

I suspect no one wants communism now. I found out in China, the Chinese government position is against the handmarkers. As of this morning, they were still working on them here, however it should be time to deliver our gold standard and our money back as well as Constitutionalism to the voters before the Primary. It would be nice if everyone understood September 11th and we could out this spacefleet and make them the target. We can take down their ship and have it for ourselves. Allen Kingdom lies and has wanted to strike directly at what Andy Swetnam referred to as the old guard to take over which does not sound that different from the threat Cheney felt at the beginning of his case against them, and from yesterday here is the quote, “Shit too bad we can not take out this space fleet. Too bad we can’t use atomic weapons on them,” said Richard Cheney early on long before our negative was installed correctly by me.

Do not allow them to strike America and blame anyone. They have asked for advanced nuclear weapons before and should be turned down. Bill Gates handmarkers outlawed here.

It was very hard to tolerate what happened to me on 9/11, being blamed for the incident and look it square in the eye. I had nothing to do with the September 11th heartbreak. I know exactly where I was at all times then and now.

Constitutionalism always guaranteed. For your information deposed Donald Trump stole election 2016 and I validated what our election convictions are. Gold standard and money back delivered. I have more details to add and I don’t know if I want to go much further. Here the alien agenda is working hard against us all and in hours I should be paid.

We are all scared now of John Brennan types. Watch what he tells his other socialite buddies. Constitutionalists arrive here on time. Looking back it was so stressful not to know what the circumstances where under which to make our convictions against them all were. Now I understand why they were kept under wraps, we had to manage our enemy’s craft first. We have them all done now and in hours I could be paid? Cheney is not my enemy and it is scary to admit that after so many years hating the September 11th heartbreak, being blamed for it and all.

On September 11, 2001 there were many confused people involved with the incident that were never told what it was really about nor what they were participating in to prevent

One of them sadly enough was my friend Bob Stevenson who has been influenced over and over by Bill Gates and by Paul Allen now dead of cancer from one of the harmful extraterrestrials. Their teams caused Stevenson as he admitted, to commit more crime after September 11th.. They were told not to go out that night from a remote building somewhere by Gates. We need to know what types of crime they forced him to commit.

Stevenson said regarding Paul Allen’s quest then, and Allen team had been avoiding House and Senate Select Services and Judiciary members truthfully to file bankruptcies all around our country, “I really feel like I am getting torn up by this stupid quest of his. He wants me to commit crime like I never did before.”

Allen team said early on, “We can make the bankruptcy happen while House and Senate members are not paying attention to us.” Hopefully their crime has stopped permanently.

I suspect in addition to the Bush cartel others involved with communist sides who I knew through the magazine I published at the Navy were involved on the back end.

They were Rudy Giuliani’s side who connect to Xi Jinping from this morning wanting communism here criminally against American guidestones. Constitutionalism is the law of the land. Xi was classified as a non state actor operating in opposition to his government’s publicly held intentions regarding handmarking this morning see @a_diener. The Chinese government as of this morning was in opposition to handmarkers. We have to keep them that way.

America can borrow in its prosperous future ahead.