What could have been done with good leadership

America has suffered under the same crime syndicate since after Jimmy Carter was President. There is very little good as those who are Presidentially credentialed. We brought Biden’s Administration $90 gazillion in our middle class tax income earner’s money to our country and what they could have done rather than paying the same syndicate that has been in power for way too long in our country or deleting the tax money that was your money, and yes they were really deleting your money that was returned, is to set up a private equity fund for the Middle Class.

That would have begun projects for you the voter where you could prosper and would have been similar to what we have here in Alaska that was begun long ago. What would it be like for the Dominoes worker to have an extra $3,000 to $5,000 to spend, well we had delivered a portion of those funds to California they are doling out there as rebates, so here in Alaska there is likely none of that funding.

What do most Alaskans including me like about Alaska, we are tax free, so should we have a tax free America and continue to use our recovered tax money in the states to improve spending for the middle class? And remember politicians work for us. America should be a race to the top. and we should not give politicians who want to hurt us a win.

Who works for the middle class and real projects they can prosper from?

Should that tax money have gone into Alaskan officials hands to increase the PFD funds in future years because of the oil projects moving in here? And who knows if it did, and this was gazillions in American tax payer money that could work for you. Who is working for you here in Alaska and to increase PFD? We need to see what projects are on tap here for our future and see what can cause us all to prosper here in our future.

I have worked for 20 plus years on green and renewable technologies and here in Alaska we have our renewable energy fair coming up on April 14th at Chena Hot Springs Resort, and I hope to be just a participant to see what is new here as most of what I worked on has been lost to other developers. I am not sad. I am proud other people carry renewables forward in different ways that earn revenue for them.

We need to continue to work to improve our planet however we can and realize this campaign season, politicians work for us and find out who is going to put the most in our pockets, not theirs.

With every project developed using the said tax money, the voters should receive a percentage of revenue like the PFD here and be protected from being superfunded. How can we know who received those funds and who will deliver the highest percentage of revenue for the voter with American money for them?