The Little American Diplomat

At five years old I went on my first trip to Germany and I was a very intelligent child. I enjoyed everything as we departed, yet I made a mistake of squeezing ketchup too strongly with my strong hands and it got on the suit of the man who had just got married close to me and my dad. My dad was angry and I felt embarrassed never to do that again.

In Germany when we were there I spoke with many children and told them about America and how we were just like they were despite what was on TV. I had never learned German yet picked it up in a day or two. I learned French in a museum we visited. I loved to talk with people diplomatically. That was what I spent my time on then as a five year old. I translated for my mom who did not want to learn the language and I took her shopping. My mom hated me for that. I was always a strong kid. My mother hurt me so much.

When we returned, I enjoyed our trip and continued to tell the neighborhood kids about the German kids, and they enjoyed learning about them. My mom was angry and still hated me since I did the translations for her. She could not stand how in command I was at times, always working for her interests, yet I always felt there was a deceitful side.

My mom contacted the Rosicrucian Fellowship she was associated with and the criminally operated on me to dumb me down. I was always motivated by God to talk and be diplomatic.

“She was too strong in Germany,” said my mom to the fellowship director who then installed handmarking on my left hand. “I’ve got to let this one out of jail,” he said then. My mother had been talking with them and her communism friends and said to them back then, “We all know communism is coming.” I could not believe that she would allow this and thought then, “Why is my mom getting together with all of those people talking about communism.” I have served Constitutionally since then and know the American people expect that.

The handmark he put in was the start of my implantation which dumbed me down and took away my languages. I fight very hard to stay strong and intelligent. America number one Constitutionally our goals.

Her fellowship friends are criminal sexual predators and make me uncomfortable. They initially installed the first sex camera in anal area. “We wanted to view whatever was going in there,” said and is disgusting. They are part of a green zygote oriented agenda for sexual behavior where extraterrestrials control our sexuality by sending zygotes at us to fall in love with one another for fake sex.

God referred to them as “external catalysts have been provided by harmful off worlders for sexual behavior.”

Abortion should be legal as it was said by God, “having unprotected sex you end up with an infested unneeded baby as zygotes are in the air.” I witnessed this sitting on the ground as I watched one fall from the sky and two squirrels interacted with each other very amorously.

My mom was likely part of their cult and in the photo at the top, “I can’t stand her, she cheated on my dad.”It was very sad for me when she asked me how she looked for another man in the pool that day.  I was angry and against her when my father took the photo. I was looking for my little diplomat photo and could not find it. I always told my mom I would defeat communism which if she was a normal mother would have been a heroic victory, for her she hated that fact. She was nasty to me my whole life.

My dad was the most loveable person I ever knew. He was there to help me win always and he got likely murdered, poisoned by the communists at National Security Agency.