Who is against the Marine Corps and pretending.

In 1991, Gordon Duff was as asked to leave Iraq after being caught trafficking arms illegally from a large tent. The individual who writes at Veterans Today claims he served in the Marine Corps and I suspect he served for three years while claiming veteran status. As he lost “valuable arms trafficking revenue” in 1991, he may likely like nothing more than to jail our Marines, something he has publicly disclosed here saying he will be able to send our service members to Shenzhen, China because they are the ones who caught him in his tent in Iraq with Bush Carlyle. He later went on to work for George Soros privately. Here he got connected to the Marine Corps because of the testimony I provided and the illegal quest he put on that caused the Coronavirus with Robert L Stevenson. Will he kill people tomorrow? We are ready for depositions against the van Stafford brought here for their criminal quest. I am a strong leader. Why did Duff say I should not talk to service members, to set them and me up. He also protected his and Giuliani’s financial crime that way with the van and the machines he put in. Do I have to wait for the convictions to come out through the Justice Department? Mueller conditionally released Trump, and when he reoffended, he should have been brought in for arraignment. Wray arrested has been said repeatedly, the only question is when will he face the crime of the Maxwell murder he refused to prosecute and I testified against. That is how the stole 2016 cocaine cartel was started and I want to bust them. Maxwell murder was solved long ago and stole 2016 the murder to start their cocaine cartel. In 2021, we want no cocaine cartel. Who wants it? Those who caused the virus?

18 Judges that caused the virus. Make them liable tomorrow.

Liars do not make insider rules. Worst case I file depositions with the Cruise ship industry against their virus. I guess then I protect the Marine Corps. How much did Dunford want to steal from service member’s retirements? $20,000 per person, and they stole election 2016.

Obviously a criminal would claim they had alleged rights to our planet because they were caught early on in their scam against America, and the fact that he was previously busted in Iraq meant that he would harbor anger towards the Marine Corps he would pretend not to allow, while in the back of his mind hoping to harm and even jail service members for Cheney.

Xi in China correctly identified Satan Worshipping as Duff and his team with Stafford and the van guy. I am against that type of worship.

Is the Marine Corps Satan worshipping to be unlawfully detained overseas?

Why want alien ID, central id, to steal, as was stated. How much are they liable for in drug laundering to try to achieve that?

We have our gold standard and our money back for the American people, American recovered assets for the people and their discretionary spending once the stock market crimes are prosecuted. Communist convictions must be made now. Constitutionalism is our guarantee and it is criminal not to prosecute those causing white collar crime.

Alien agenda will be found dead here. Why harm my Marines? My negative install worked, so be happy and so jail the war criminals. Who needs Cheney? Who controls the sound system, war croiminals, shut the tape off or be tried as one by the Marine Corps, who will say, “Why didn’t I sing my swan song,” because of Duff, Cheney’s criminal against them.