Resignation letter from CFR

The woman who gave me the quote about the Council on Foreign Relations will receive a resignation letter if I post her quote with a tweet confirming the fact they developed the virus with Lugar labs widely known to mainstream media outlets. What is the point of this whole CFR running everything?  Royal Magistrate Who wanted the virus?  Royal Magistrate We are so limited by them. We do not want what they create.

What is their purpose? It was said by Prince Charles before, “We serve no purpose.”

They keep trying to say that the tax money could not be delivered to the American standing side because they agreed to game over us. That is an act of war.  They are the ones who had the tax money corruptly to begin with. We reset America to 1790. What gave them the right to game over the planet because of that? We are at war covertly and defeated the individuals they were conned with a drone called the overlord and boulder builders. How many aliens do we have to defeat to keep our tax money? We want to take everything back for the American people.

The CFR invested in the planet owners and the planet owners covertly supported my data collection at times. They will just take my planet money. I am not greedy. Why did we not have a real Republican president who is Constitutional on the Primary ballot? CFR

They should be liable for anyone they harmed? “We agreed to planet membership with the supreme being,” said CFR. Who is that? God is on the planet. So far their supreme Lord was a drone of boulder builders now dead. Who is their supreme being? God now and before it was him. I brought God here. Who actually will pay me for my work professionally.

As it has been found out that CFR members are taking genes to harm us all over the planet, we ask that they suspend them based on the newly acquired data about how much they were fooled about the former overlord. Why do they not want the gold and money back for American people. Creed to create suffering, originates from? Alien agenda, not them as humans.

We found out this morning more about the toxic planet where they came from that is no longer in existence when they said the following and it was seen as such.

“I was thinking about our planet where we made all those pharmaceuticals,” said white alien agenda in a grey, white environment with round pools of thick white and they are dying here. It is better to find new things than to talk about people wrongly. How much have I put in in 25 years of my own money proportional to your annual incomes? I have spent all of my other hours other than work time to pay for my knowledge. Work to pay for work. The value is us. How did they pay for the planet? There was no cost for the planet. Payment to anyone for it should be returned and we need to deliver our gold standard and money back as well as provide for the voters my testimony to save them in their future investing.

I am not sure if this helps, but he wanted his money back yesterday. “They said I could get dressed like this so we could really get paid,” said by a fake overlord guy who was partnered on the now dead boulder builders and their friends, fake contract. A stipend would be nice for honest service to our country. I am ready to testify against deposed Trump regarding the stock market crime. When can depositions be filed? Is our stock market to be threatened by machines forever?