Update on my negative install 2 and a half years ago


I am the one pressing charges, so I am in command. Hired to do it. I was told to keep pressing charges until they were completed.

I am unbiased and chose to participate also until prosecutions happen. I always want the truth from beginning to end. The enemy contract against American people’s freedom is fraudulent.

Do I get ready to testify today? I am ready even now and I expect to be treated with honor for the service I provide for the American people.

Our planet was invaded by harmful extraterrestrials long ago, and that is proven by data on hand and in the CIA databases. We already own our planet outright by our work with mine two and a half years ago that started our path towards repairing our planet. Our negative had been moved over 18,742 years ago by harmful extraterrestrials when the stem now removed was put in as I found out. We are on our way to fully repairing our planet from the damage that they have done.  Aliens are dead here soon. In the morning, they got taken to our sun, and they were upset that their consciousness had been divided by harmful entities. They learned it from what I found out based on remote viewing so I hope they get to experience an even better future reality than what I saw that was pretty good, a peaceful existence on a planet far away where they get to talk amongst each other as their consciousness is restored.

“We were dismissed from conscious thinking,” they learned once they get to God’s planet about their previous lives.  I hope it doesn’t happen that they learned it and then “don’t go to God.” Please don’t harm me or my earnings any more.

Why talk to people who listen and have nothing to do with the work itself? I work hard honestly and installed our earth’s core correctly. I share what I learn as our project advances forward with the goal of reclaiming our galaxy for humans harmfully invaded by extraterrestrials. Even our Sun was invaded at the start of our work, now back to normal. Jupiter and Uranus were repairing themselves as of a few weeks ago.  What does owning the planet mean? It means participating to save everyone’s life and financial well being. My data saves us about the scam of history in the making. Americans would have said in our future, “What a mistake we made, we can’t borrow again, no one will accept our currency,” had their corrupt plan worked. Our gold standard and money back are always kept and held for the American people. 2016 was stolen and I have plenty of evidence and data to back that up.

Our planet is large and it takes time to be fixed, so I have recorded changes that occurred as the install has progressed restoring our planet to its original form.  Yesterday it was said to me, “Don’t let aliens ever live here,” because of the harm they caused. They put harmful technology in our planet that has needed to melt in this time period. We removed harmful technology and keep all of it removed. Our planet was like an abused woman, raped by criminals. “She deserves the security contract we promised her in the beginning,” said long ago about me, and it is even more deserved today. We deserve our planet free of foreign influences from aliens. We have to dissolve the rest of their harmful technology in the ocean. “It will make it more difficult to fix the planet,” said by those who installed the harmful technology in my body and around here. We are overcoming them. Constitutionalism exists and there is no crime going on here. Why monitor my house? Stop it. Trump stole 2016, and I have the data to prove it, it has been shared and there is no wrongful arrest that should happen to those who know their illegitimacy. Embezzlement stops and is charged as white collar crime, that is what it is. Our tax money is for the people and is embezzled by criminals here to be stopped.

How our tax money is stolen.

“I say the jails (below ground ones sited in the fraudulent contract known now as “little diddy” later on in this article) can be used and I take the money from the Department of Justice,” said Brian Stafford regarding our tax money called money back held there.  The contract as it is proven fake now must be removed from the Department of Justice. “We don’t want to put people in jail here,” Stafford thinks as an excuse to embezzle your funds from them based on the fake contract known as the “little diddy” below. This is embezzlement with a false document.  No valid contract for our planet exists.

It is criminal to watch me shower and they have, which is disgusting.  Do not enter my property nor use unlawful surveillance. I am ready to testify and use all of my data to protect the American people. Why kill kids to be harmed by extraterrestrials. This was said earlier and I try to stop them by letting them know why they are doing it.

We actually validated that yesterday, stick formed extraterrestrials feel, and they react with affirmation when children are killed for them, “I like my day now,” said by them in their own hell dying soon.

There are a few Senate members wanting to harm your planet and American citizens financially. We all own our planet equally and outright. I put my negative in the center where it should be, and it is strongly resolving harmful consequences caused by them. My goal is to return our planet to perfection it was before the aliens came here. Natural planets exist for our protection. We can be financially secure with our gold standard and our money back delivered to the American public.

We finished the Northern Hemisphere of our planet and are working on the Southern Hemisphere now. Two days ago a unique wave similar to that which occurred in Arctica months ago occurred in Antarctica so the south is working its way through. We identified pieces of shrapnel in the earth’s body that need to be removed now and they are dissolving slowly. I am our only negative holder, so that has physical consequences on my body, and the criminals installed harmful technology in my body to make our planet more difficult to repair. I am always honest and am working for American citizens interests.

What is disgusting is when men too feel they can steal from women. It was said this morning, “I hoped to steal everything from Ann,” said Robert Stevenson, the same guy I have turned in repeatedly who has stolen from me for 25 years now covertly. I have a right to my honest life and not to be stolen from. I provided my testimony in earnest and I have a right to recover the money stolen from me. I work to make our planet better for everyone. How much could I have earned by now without being stolen from. Billions. When will I get justly compensated. Hopefully police and sheriffs will recognize his criminal intention when made clear. It is like stealing from your grandmother repeatedly. How many years have I served your community earning my own money? Their group was identified previously as old woman’s purse snatchers by cocaine laundering. Why would anyone like them? Maybe we can’t see them clearly yet. “We only made it because of your income,” said about my service career. Who has saved you from terrorists and lots of harsh consequences for over 20 years, me and my team and sides.

Why would law enforcement compete for hand stamping the communists in Congress had when the ultimate goal was as extraterrestrials said regarding an Oceanside Police officer, was to “put him in jail,” regarding the below ground jails. The Mintakans said in regards to an Oceanside Police officer on January 8, 2020 said “We had big jails for people like him,” regarding an officer they saw through my eye camera and surveillance footage. They were the ones who executed the found contract Stevenson had illegally. It has further been identified now as a made up contract known as a diddy written by his cartel members now.

“I thought we could write up a little diddy,”said by unknown man about the contract that was of unknown origin found out today. Those contracts need to be torn up. Why does Pelosi want to hold onto the contract. Leahy side. Why can’t we jail the fellowship is to be said by law enforcement? Why are they allowing themselves to be fooled?

It was found out that these criminals had the idea of “below ground jails with aliens were part of the stoners contract,” and that is how they embezzled your tax money for protecting America from the fraudulent contract they knew was written. 12:15 AM, because this links to other articles probably deemed strange and the human eating identified, it is important to note.

On January 13, 2019 the eye camera was reported as used by a perpetrator, Gordon Duff, who I knew at Veterans Today confirming its existence and it is painful. Reported on Twitter. Evidence. He uses an old cell phone to control my right eye camera and said, “All of a sudden I can’t get a signal from my eye camera,” that connected to my right eye when I blocked him using my abilities. Duff had to pick up the old cell phone and pretend to look at it.

That same woman said, “Why don’t we just lie and say that we had rights to those jails,” said Mintakan female to Stevenson after they found the contract. He said then, “We picked up this below ground jails contract and we don’t know where it came from,” said Stevenson, meaning made up, had no standing, and no legal bearing. You can’t just “pick up” a contract that came from unknown source and violate Americans rights with people later used for prostitution purposes. This is why major media knows our White House is running a cocaine prostitution cartel to be stopped. We are in election time, and we need to complete paperwork against those who have stayed in criminally so voters can clearly see the differences in who they are voting for. The sad thing is that Republicans should have had a real primary. If depositions were completed now, they could still have a chance. It was found out also today, the source of the fraud contract was a criminal they are involved with who wrote it up. “I thought we could write up a little diddy,”said and unknown German mafia man about the contract that was of unknown origin given to the “Lifestyles Congress,” aka stole 2018 said to be”sent from above” to Congress. They all lied and I hope they are arrested post haste. Please read above in detail and take it as first rate insider information. As telephony is being used I am going to be clear Stevenson and his group had hoped to arrest honest police and sheriffs.

Gordon Duff said who I knew from Veterans Today got this woman who is a Mintakan from that star system, you can look it up, search Mintaka, involved in a prostitution cartel here working to confuse the sheriffs department and police involved and said at one time, “I will call them instead of Mintakans, below ones for prostitution purposes.” I dated a Mintakan hybrid before and I do not recommend them, because they are dishonest covertly, obviously. KGB hardware in use here criminally by them here. It must be disbanded in hours.  There is no planet heist. I am happy to save police and sheriffs from human eating that would have been their fate without our install. We made it because of my income, so stop costing me with the hardware. I have a right to release my data as it is my work to the media and I deserve payment and fame.

“Then we’ll just pick them up when they have the hand stamps,” said a white alien for harvesting purposes. “That wasn’t supposed to happen for 2 to 3 years,” admitted deposed (8/8/17) Donald Trump previously. Anyone saying they are competing for “rights of the below,” is competing for rights for Mintakans, prostitutes by association above, that did not exist as anything more than Constitutional before.

It is an illegal harvesting contract of an unknown origin they garnered criminally and is not needed to be followed and today we could win. I deserve to have my deposition completed against the stock market crime deposed stole 2016 Trump conducted with the machines here. When can the deposition be completed and testimony provided to the voters for the scam he began in 1991 when he said, “I think I figured out how we can scam America.”

Smoking has been found to help American freedom,  “Luxury tobacco men are making fools of us,” admitted previously and smoking has been admitted to being forbidden to put Americans in jails. We must smoke good natural tobacco for freedom.

How set up were we, even with my negative install? It was terrible for them to do to all of us human Americans. I am free to own my planet. Please do not shoot the only negative holder and help to make my life better not worse. We need a good future for our country. What matters is how hard you work, and what you know.

My install was compromised by the setup, of the fake core area. It was found out yesterday “We thought we’d put the NASA discovery mission where the center hole was,” said and they likely connected it to the false bardo to make it harder to kill the harmful extraterrestrials that harm us, so they could still rely on fake death despite my negative being correctly installed.

They also incapacitated my body by installing harmful technology in my vagina that connects to the technology in Antarctica. It was said that this would make it harder for our planet to be fixed, which is exactly what I am doing. I fix it daily. Yesterday it was physically exhausting, and I should be compensated for the work I am doing to help all Americans and internationals.

We have saved our country from “History in the Making,” a heist. Americans would have said in our future, “What a mistake we made, we can’t borrow again, no one will accept our currency,” had their corrupt plan worked. Everyone involved with History in the Making should be charged with financial crime. Gold always kept and held.

Why do they allow a guy who openly steals from me or us to take my planet money?

It should be humiliating to have con artists steal in the open.

How much is stole 2016 liable for?

Who is working for the American people today?

My negative install was mine to do and was done to “save our lives,” as is known.

Will the machines stop today. It was said about the stock market crime,”I thought when we used the machines, we could not get caught,” stealing from the stock market by deposed stole 2016 Trump. Our retirements need to be protected, and I am ready to testify today. I have my testimony about 1991 that deposed Trump already and the deposition needs to be completed about the stock market crimes he committed.

September 11th was done to start two wars Iraq and Afghanistan and commit financial crime in the future and I have lots of evidence on file to confirm that. Some war is a crime. Did we get Soros yet? I became President to put them on trial. Why can’t we add him, he is bigger than Dick Cheney.

Imagine our space budget then.

Constitutionalism is global.

The CIA director has to answer for how deposed stole 2016 Trump compromised all Americans financially with Russian oligarchs inviting them here to bankrupt us criminally. I provided testimony against Trump and intend to add that data to my deposition including all hacking conducted by Russia of our elections including this one. Why allow our adversary to con us. Anyone accepting Russian offers should be charged with espionage.

Christopher Wray is complicit in drug money laundering and post haste I have asked for my testimony to be taken seriously regarding their cocaine cartel. We vote in 2020 and they have no right to continue their stole 2016 crime syndicate now busted. Rights of the below are prostitution, down south is their cocaine cartel and all data is public for the voters right to know before they vote.

How did it start is revealed here with the murder of Robert Maxwell. “We obviously used that money for funding back then,” said deposed stole 2016 Trump long ago about the insurance money Ghislaine Maxwell collected after he was likely murdered in Italy thrown of his yacht, as was found out. Ghislaine was a participant with Jeffrey Epstein in the start of their prostitution ring with Leslie Wexner. The insurance company should be contacted and monies be recovered from Maxwell and Trump as it was insurance fraud. Stevenson was a participant early on and declared previously, “I was the one who threw Maxwell off the boat.” He could be liable for said monies also. Duff I found out at Veterans Today was connected to Maxwell, and their syndicate. I cannot believe he is not arrested yet. Who started Epstein is found here. Is Bill Gates connected? Where do their blackmail modules connect to? Russia. When can espionage charges go out. Is that an American agency to blackmail people with Russia. A new American only agency must be formed now.

It will be a relief to America to finally bust these sex criminals.

Typically there is witness protection, not allowing the adversaries to monitor those making a bust’s computer. Michael Cohen has no monitoring rights of my computer granted by me or any other witness protection agency. It is to be considered hacking for embezzlement which could be considered extortion.

It is clearly the overhead with the zeppelin reporting to stole 2018 Congress. It is obstructing justice that needs to be charged against them for the prostitution victims. I knew about Duff’s zeppelin business early on at Veterans Today with Adamus. Why obstruct justice. He should not be paid to monitor my home, based on what is known about his participation criminally with cocaine laundering and prostitution working for stole 2016 I provided testimony against. It should not be this difficult to communicate with honest people.

I have never committed any form of treason or have worked against our country, in fact I am known as one of the few protectors of American citizens. There was never an overthrow either, they had already charged Trump and Pence as well as his team likely. My team was on their way here to take my deposition seriously before individuals became co-opted and allowed the same financial crime against the American public to continue that I testified against because I own our planet, as they admitted. I am our negative holder who would like to own our planet more by being paid for my work to protect the American people from financial crime. People like me are needed and very hard to come by.  Anyone causing long term financial harm to America should be charged with felony convictions today, as my data has been sent out. The ramifications are known and are against the American people.

“I think I figured out how we can scam America,” said by Trump in 1991. Scam America not save or serve America.

To those “competing for the planet,” it is very large. What is your point?

Why steal from someone who serves America like me. I deserve payment for this bust against scam artists. I am a Ralph Nader type politician. American foreign policy should not be for looting other countries and it is known to them. Post haste I should testify. War crimes are to considered stealing at this point. I became President to prosecute them.

“I thought we could write up a little diddy,”said by german mafia guy about the contract that was of unknown origin given to the “Lifestyles Congress,” known as stole 2018, known as “sent from above.”