Chinese communism harmful to Democrats and Republicans

There is an unknown threat filled with light blue and pink color schemes operating in the background using harmful harmonics against our current President in the media who I deposed  by testimony already.  There is no need to give him or Hillary Clinton any more power. We need more power against the enemy.

“Shit too bad we can not take out this space fleet. Too bad we can’t use atomic weapons on them,” said Richard Cheney early on long before our negative was installed correctly by me. We don’t need any nuclear weapons fired when we are close to defeating them. Do not have sex with them one more time, directed at those involved with their prostitution cartel and who are the war criminals who were involved in September 11th that said they forced them to cause the incident then, and knowingly did it to protect American human generations. Did they ever think we could own our space race on our own. We can. This is our galaxy for humans and us all decided by God.

They kept designer offices in the background encouraging our country to work against itself financially to where we could not borrow again. Do not say footage of planted drugs thrown out can be used as evidence destruction against us. Where were the drugs sourced? Did I or anyone I physically was around and wanted to be intentionally purchase them. My friends do not use drugs. Those are the ones in my cell phone contact list with maybe a few coworkers unknown to me who may, whose choice is that, theirs. Is drug use acceptable on their side? Yes. Why do they always have the upper hand here. People have a right to disappear things that are not theirs and not supportive of their habits. My habits are eating, drinking and avoiding jails for Americans that are unjust. The prison pipeline some created is criminal through illegal importation of controlled substances using official resources and should be a campaign issue. We will see what the debate has in store for us today.

Democrats fight hard to serve and protect without profiting from prostitution and drug money laundering devaluing us all. It was found out the agency guy was told to pay them for their cashless standard to go back and forth again, and even though no one wanted it, he chose to pay them. They then sleep with each other which allows them more penetration do cause America to fail as I pointed out before.  In the past people used to care for one another. This idea of keeping the planet away from anyone’s side is all about them penetrating us, starting at the very beginning. They were the ones who wanted to eliminate the old guard, and have successfully penetrated them in that way and through old cocaine habits. Who buys the stuff on a regular basis. Are they capable of leadership? Aren’t we at the same position every day as when I gave my deposition testimony? Constitutionalism only is our guarantee and the idea of my planet being in the wrong hands is criminal.

I keep working to get innocent until guilty on these suspects so that we can actually put them on TV for a real hearing against this alien agenda that Richard Cheney was afraid of as a threat and was the real reason they did September 11th. Listening to the video here, it was unknown to me, and I could not understand why they did such a horrible thing. Now the threat we were both after, is much more apparent. They have been sleeping with them and need to stop.

President Ann Diener Gold and Money Back, Constitutionalism and Supreme Court cannot adjudicate Congressional members known communist currently. Warren recorded it at New York Times. Alien sex impacts dishonorable service members.

Posted by Ann Diener on Friday, September 6, 2019

People want threats stopped. They do not like the personalities or lifestyles to get in the way. We want a peaceful Constitutional world where America is financially stable and strong. How long ago was this video. Last night I saw them operating on his brain in the background, and they criticize me for my headset. These are the same people I have repeatedly turned in. In a straight justice world they would face questioning on TV as they are famous. With this indepth of an investigation into the war crimes tribunal of before, Les Wexner who started Jeffrey Epstein and worked with the threat to pander them to these elite to cause harm to us all financially, should be included on camera in the media. They should be questioned as to what their intentions were providing the prostitutes as they were called below ladies.  More behavioral studies need to be conducted into crossbreeding. Is it safe for humans to have sex with them?  Money did not own our planet when they criminally landed here. We finished our planet yesterday.

Here is what one robed white one who sent down a young white extraterrestrial who died shortly after meeting us said thousands of years ago said, “We can’t go no where so we’re sitting here waiting for the earth to turn to smuggle him down there.” They intended to negotiate the movement of my negative from its natural position to harm us as boarders with their supercomputer they brought with them from other star systems they had previously decimated.  They came here criminally and I consider it a violation of our upper atmosphere every time they enter here.

I will keep working until we get them however I can. Gold standard and money back are the American people’s recovered assets our work that does not need to be laundered. When we elect a President we hope he works in American citizens best interests and does not seek to harm covertly. Will the planet of jails be broken here? I knew it could be in the beginning.

Aliens should have the same rights to stay here as long as they do not cause harm to American people and everyone in our planet’s circumference. My testimony against “I think I figured out how we can Scam America,” is validated and no one solves the housing crisis of the bubble by improving American’s standing financially for their interests. Same as before. I do not wish to die here and do not want any participation in their cult. Please remove them. I discovered enough for our enemies on my own that should be used in a courtroom in a televised trial. How racy would that be for the TV audiences. Never has a war crimes tribunal had so much sex appeal.