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Breaking the Monopolies to break the Jails and end corruption

Americans have been too controlled what they do not know about. With the unfettered capitalism that was operating in the background during the Trump administration, billions were absconded with and some ot their rogue operators still lurk in the background. We need to protect ourselves from them and continue to work to identify how average Americans can become more successful. It has been identified that Special Purpose Acquisition corporations have too much power with the conglomerates and that is why President Joe Biden’s executive Order was refreshing. On Friday Biden said, “‘Capitalism without competition is exploitation,” and so how do we compete with subversive groups known to topple markets and create special corporations to do such a thing unknown to the average consumer? Many of these corporations are hidden and come in to squelch innovation and profiteer in the background with unknown designs against the average worker and even mid-range corporations, stopping to be successful projects before they start using insider knowledge or technology against the proprietors or principals of the company or companies.

Five have done that and this was terrible because of Covid. Many of these companies were just recovering and insiders chose to harm them.

Knowing what happened with the housing and the land grab now that it was diversified amongst both Republicans and Democrats we must analyze who has the corruptly built housing done with cocaine and methamphetamine. Is it in a real estate acquisition holding company? It was found out high profile people purchased foreclosures and also build large developments throughout the country with drug money they laundered and other sources. What was interesting is that as containerships of methamphetamine came in those funds were wired. It would be nice to diagram out the flow of funds with the arrival of methamphetamine in to Los Angeles, obviously one group of several purchases the container (s) and then wire transfers the purchase price as someone wagers the street value and drug dealers purchase it at a wholesale cost for distribution to their network to achieve profits for themselves and then other profits are factored in to include juridical and law enforcement. We could do the same with cocaine knowing the origins and background of the story, a cartel founded on insurance fraud or was it an existing cartel Donald Trump put the money into?

It could have been.

And with that there is expensive housing constructed with the wire transferred funds and special purpose funding. This is one crooked system and it is good that Biden is taking action against it.

We would like to find out which corporation is in control of our housing, and there was also cocaine money, lots of it, put into the housing.

It was estimated and visually seen that thousands of homes were built with drug money. Can you imagine that these individuals developing the homes by corrupt means have been sitting in the background being paid and waiting to collect huge sums of money as they sell? $50,000 to $250,000 per home would be significant.

So how do we break it up and stop them by forcing disclosure of profits, and how they were achieved? We know there was little emphasis on developing a strong financially sound government during the Trump Administration and their focus was what Robert Mueller was hired to do.  It did not happen because we were focussed on solvency and deposited 80 gazillion post check clearance when the Biden Administration was struggling because there was too much emphasis on real estate.

And as Biden does have the funds, and we have uncovered the real estate and the system, so how can we secure recovery? Wells Fargo just crashed

We need insure American companies stay competitive, innovative, profitable and work towards real infrastructure developments with renewable advancements in sustainability that could create jobs and benefit all Americans and increase the abilities of those Americans and American companies harmed to compete? I am an Expert Witness with over 23 years background, from 1998 when I first began to examine the harmful advancements of our adversaries in conjunction with Big Tech.

When I think about what I have seen and experienced since then I am glad to know what I have worked against to include Dark Money. We should be rich with assets once we are able to identify the assets and break them down as monopolies and other President’s have done so such and individuals sometimes create a front to be broken down such as Lehman Brothers while they control the profits in the background. Lehman benefitted Bear Stearns and that is why we must be cautious and include all data to identify the monopolies in place to include Big Tech that was set to move up to 800,000 jobs to Texas from California.

California jobs are important to us.

On Sunday let no one come between us from working for the good of all American people.

What was Rupert attempting to extract with the crash that they put on bringing the stocks down and up?




What will the damage be in the Gulf of Mexico

When looking at the photos of the pipeline fire that originated from a gas leak yesterday, we should wonder what will the interior of the Gulf look like when it is over and what will the damage be to the area? We remember the BP oil spill and the negotiations that went on after regarding the use of dispersant, and now with this we wonder what the impacts are? Will that portion of the gulf be unusable as there is a huge oil spill to be uncovered beneath the Ocean? I suspect so.

According to BuzzFeed, “Mexican-state-owned petroleum company Petróleos Mexicanos, also known as Pemex, said a gas leak was discovered in the 12-inch submarine pipeline near a platform in the Ku-Maloob-Zaap oil field. Firefighting crews were able to snuff out the swirling, fiery mass of water by about 10:45 a.m.” so what will be left and how can we help the Gulf? Why could an experienced group such as my partners who previously almost were awarded a contract to treat the BP oil spill not have an opportunity to be funded for the cleanup?

Is Mexico responsible and we can pursue the responsible party to provide consulting services and treatment options. I am anxious to get to the bottom of it and help restore the Gulf to natural beauty.

No rights to use

Real Estate Acquisition Corporations

We need a proper accounting for how war criminals were rewarded and continue to operate in the background. Bernie Sanders would have won 2016 with exit polling used. The Trump administration managed to abscond with billions through stock market crime and other criminal activities billions of dollars. I have served through 3 justice departments and we know the $90 gazillion was delivered after Biden received check clearance and Sanders received medicare spending.  So how can we know what the tech giants hold when individuals such as Barack Obama admit to owning buildings with drug money they brought in. We have been hoping California could have an idea center for real water and energy independence and with what the tech giants planned moving to Texas, California badly needs an innovation center free of corruption. Newsom is being Recalled and is corrupt.

“We built great mansions in high-rises with the drug money that we brought in,” said  Obama and so we know I busted those buildings and they took them over and so who designated my piece of the pie as a payment for investigation. We need to begin to look at Real Estate Acquisition Corporations as these are the companies that may be concealing the mansions and foreclosures that were purchased by them. When properties were purchased with drug money they are under investigation and I found out it is illegal to run drugs through someone’s home. I reported to the German Foreign Office that trump officials and also romney ran drugs through my home. I did not include romney to the German foreign office. I have documented evidence showing that.  In September 2020, “Debt backed securities contain more cocaine,” said Mitt Romney.  So we must question the markets and identify who controls what and how much drug money went into housing, building acquisition and also the foreclosure markets. Now with the DEA bust in San Diego, we can hope they are pursuing the methamphetamine men, as there were 16 outstanding warrants.

I am owed payment for honest service. I did drive across the United States and find housing developments in at least 14 states I visited and some may have been from cocaine. Many were concealed as debt backed securities.

We continue to be against war criminals and they are openly known and for that reason we must monitor the media to see when foreign conflicts occur who is spending and hopefully we can finally have a real audit. With 23 years against the same criminals it seems pretty long to fight against them without a check payment and maybe I will end up working finally on this RAC investigation that the media wanted.

It was nice the cheney bench warrant was admitted to and in reality bush was campaign was arrested.  We are waiting for audits in Texas as bush was a bench warrant there and others are going through their bankruptcies.

With all data against the war criminals @a_diener I wish we had a tribunal like we wanted and I could purchase my home and include the outgoing war crimes that occurred which no one accounted for  and people need to talk to me in person.  I deserve to be on TV to talk about the truth of Trump administration and work against the war criminals.

Kamala Harris won Vice President and she would not run drugs through my home. Joe Walsh should be on the ticket in 2024 with Bill Weld based on what was already achieved. Justin Amash should stay honest and honorable and work to campaign more. He would go after the GAP funding which was “that is where all of the cocaine was hidden” at  Department of Homeland Security.

Some badges were fake so how can we protect America and have a good job and get paid? RAC’s could be looked at

“Cheney’s staff” is not our side and we had a nice wanted poster that could have come out from the OSCE showing them,  and I tried to save 7 billion lives at $1 per pound of everyone’s belongings and lives and here we stand.

Young people deserve real projects to work on with water recycling, waste to energy and water production. I hope to get working on something honest where I can enjoy a comfortable living again.  72 million votes stolen by

To tell lies is not me and who will harm us

The differential was calculated as $47,000 times 18 million homeowners and should anyone be responsible now with what was deposited in the Biden administration, probably not.

If anything happens I have on data on who weakened us

I am never with anyone who accepted bribery from our adversaries nor ran drugs I reported on


Water and Oil Flocculants Could Treat South Bay

When talking about the border wall, nothing was more useless as they previously allowed immigrants to cross the border. Now that Kamala Harris is Vice President we may be able to introduce real solutions to real problems in the South Bay for real cleanup of real problems to include the Tijuana river.  When the water flows across the border it remains untreated and according to a recent article,  “Millions of gallons of sewage are flowing into the Pacific Ocean every day, causing contaminated waters and frequent beach closures,” said The Coronado Eagle Journal. “In February 2017, 143 million gallons of raw sewage flowed into the Tijuana River and eventually onto our beaches. Since then, there have been hundreds of smaller spills into the river, resulting in a massive health and environmental hazard. The San Diego County Board of Supervisors needs to declare a State of Emergency in the area and provide annual funding to remove trash and chemicals from the water.”

Water and Oil technologies and a new company to be formed have the research and development to address the needs of the San Diego County Board of Supervisors. We had developed cleanup methods relating to the British Petroleum oil spill and Ed Laurent had extended phone conversations with Governor Bobby Jindal at the time, however through proven and reliable our treatment processes were not to be used at the time. They chose instead to add dispersant which made the oil spill worse not better. Living in San Diego for over 37 years, I have been concerned about the contamination and have worked hard to form reliable partnerships with scientists who are experienced enough to deliver real solutions to real problems. Congressman Mike Levin had been involved previously in providing waste water treatment solutions for the South Bay and Mr Laurent and I deserve an entry point to deliver a presentation the San Diego County Board of Supervisors to present waste to energy solutions and waste water treatment systems as well as organic chemistries that can remove the chemicals from the water. The South Bay could be beautiful and a tourist attraction with clean water for swimming, boating and fishing.

We need to conduct sampling of the wastewater and identify the chemistries needed and research and development funding is required to conduct the testing. We have advanced machines that have been developed to process the wastewater previously and other such Dissolved Air Floatation systems can be purchased and designed for this project.

We have developed complete systems for recycling and processing landfill waste and converting it to electricity and also recycled components. These systems could be used along the Mexican border both inside the US and in Mexico.

New Planet

We own our planet exclusively and I have been working for the American people never to lose. America is Sovereign as we have never been before. With our investigation into alien agenda we are making our way to number one globally as more aliens die here we become more free. We are achieving our goal of sovereignty that I outlined here. They cannot take the debt back from harvesting and below ground jails we decimated.

It was confirmed yesterday that the Commonwealth was a hand holder for extraterrestrials and we currently have $94 gazzillion in Treasury. This morning with the following revelation  “We were hired to collect their (Americans) taxes because of that one star base; they had,” Elizabeth Hapsburg that there is no such thing as royalty and what we must do now as a country is to begin to work against that star base with our gold program. Yesterday I saw what our Vice President, Kamala Harris would think about our gold program when she found out how quickly it could get to other galaxies, 6 days or less and I want to be paid to own our planet so we can make alien agenda die here. Constitutionalism is guaranteed

Good sides have always been into space. We should never trust the Branson side and they have gotten paid throughout even with drug money funding their programs. We need our human space program, our gold program.

Americans should be free to get paid and today it was said, “We own the whole planet they don’t have to collect income taxes,” said President Joe Biden, so because of our steady progress you should be more free and hope we defeat the rest of the extraterrestrials and Americans have opportunity ahead and can I get a check based on Biden’s check clearance.  That check will help to develop green projects and I chose to be involved in space as I have worked for this moment to happen. I installed our core independently and to protect all people. Billions saved and served by my income  and I have been working now since the install to finish our planet on my money. How much further do I have to go to collect a check and it should be in the millions of dollars to get started on our projects that I have put 18 years into with testing and development funding to deliver multimillion dollar projects in our future.

Good times are ahead. Yesterday it was nice because 363 Congressional members acknowledged our planet is for humans. Please do not allow others who have sat here and stolen my income to continue to steal from me. Gordon Duff and Robert L Stevenson have been turned in. I have a boyfriend and want to get married and do not know how to collect the millions I am owed. They actually admitted to doing such. stealing our income and should I go to the media to announce that we are sovereign

I deserve my payment as owner to build our assets as good ones of sustainability for every American and I should be a large political backer with my funding. We have a right to real elections and Constitutionalism and no jails for the American people should ever be built and we deserve for the American people to beneficiaries of my work and we have 663 aliens against us. How do we win and get paid to get working on something beneficial. What is this adversity to paying me for my work, as I always work a part time job to fight our enemies. I put my own money in and I am owed at least $300,000

They cannot start agenda and why would a committed to one man woman sleep with individuals turned in and we know who has been against our space program. I was almost murdered by the captain of the ship here and he was a thin white alien commander.

We have our gold standards globally and how exactly does anyone reclaim my planets when they do not have the experience of the install and also being almost murdered by these aliens? I did the work and should be paid and should we allow our enemies that were wanting to eat and kill every American to steal. I am anxious to meet the people we saved and look forward to speaking to media and we can command our star system

We removed boulders and jails from our planet we own now

They did the world trade center and I was a victim of defamation, an advocate for the American people and our armed forces since then and when you fight large spacecraft why can’t I collect payments?

Those who did 9/11 have been collecting payments. If we pay those who are attacking us, there is something wrong with our country. I work hard for the American people daily.

Biden won and is against alien agenda so how much more is needed to defeat them

We are in a good position to attend the G20 with what we have and intended to have and American standing is growing for Biden. I did our install for permanent defeat of extraterrestrials and the American people deserve to meet me in person and see me in the media and they are in decline permanently. What I hate are liars and we own our planets with all I tried to save from the beginning on 7 Billion people.

It was nice when an astronaut remarked “Today I have a feeling Ann really owns our planet” said about me. Finally that flat leg divider can be removed from NASA

No killing should occur by those seeking to protect advesaries and why are those with espionage continuing to harm me. I would never accept payment from our advesaries as they have.

Who gets paid for crime. All data used. We are against DeVos

War crimes tribunal

Biden won and can preside.  It is pointless with the issues America has had in foreign policy and the implications with our adversaries not to have a war crimes tribunal. We have spend too much time to gather too much data and it is public and who wants them in the media without hearing their sides of the story? Why could we not discuss the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan on TV? Why could we not get 9/11 over and have individuals say “We admit it, we did it and here is why” This frees America. We need a proper accounting of their spending from October 2000 until now with the questions regarding our defense spending as we found out individuals who have been obstructing a tribunal refused to allow us to order parts for the USS Abraham Lincoln when Naval Station Everett had been designed for forward readiness

How much experience could Obama have then and why would romney want to preside as he was likely with the Congressional men who put the sub in harm’s way of the Lincoln, it is like allowing the wolf to guard the chicken coop and we see the wolves in sheeps’ clothing based on their actions. They did all of that for harmful spending against our armed forces and the American people

More than 23 years against owned opposition

We exposed who did September 11th and we know they are into some kind of secret court and secret proceeding which we oppose uniformly as a people

We own our planets outright with Biden only leahy will call this a bogus story because he is white extraterrestrial fan club amongst olive skinned people trying to take Biden’s power away. Who wants a good life after we won the election?

Wray is still with his handlers because resigned barr wanted to arrest trump supporters while leahy and schumer those who wanted to kill trump and trump killed his own supporters outspend us with those aligned with our adversaries against Biden.

Our money back should be growing for Biden. Should we pull cash out or should a sole supporting woman defend our planet against the guilty on a poster

I want a real contract for not working for our adversaries and credentialing as we do good work every day for the American people based on years of study and work 8-10 hours per day while working to achieve and out controlled opposition as a journalist since 1991, we knew the media was censored

No one should accept facial recognition software to benefit our adversaries “See I have them in his face because I am with bush campaign” Putin would say aligned with gates and duff

We turned them in for election theft and continue to work for our armed forces to enjoy real space travel with our gold program on my money which “We made it on her income”

Ryan and mcconnell owned and many wanted mcconnell arraigned for his betrayal of our country and his constituents. People were waiting for Merrick Garland to indict him and he could include the fellowship as we want no religious cults and why is my work illegal and they should be illegal for “Not allowing the Lincoln to order parts then” in October 2000 and how can we keep Biden and our country protected when owned Congressional members are aligned with an owned supreme court continue to work against an elected President. I notified Al Gore today that we can win and I continue to work against them

We can deliver the money back once the last harvester is decimated

Ongoing Planet Payment

I set out to save every American with both my testimony and negative installs. When I provided my testimony I did it post haste to secure homeowners’ values and that goal took years to achieve with the depositions finally filed by an insecure party. When I worked to install our core I did that to secure my planet. And today we work for American freedom and ultimately payment for our planets I have worked so hard to save. It was found out to my demise that Robert L Stevenson, who was turned in on numerous occasions and had the intention to harm me and the American people with his properties, can collect payment for our planet because of the large size of the debt he holds on them and I need to find out if it is correct.

In regards to the properties he holds debt on, he set out to use them for failure and against me and the American people. I have an exact quote that I do not feel like repeating and why today when spending begins on our armed forces can the Pentagon not cut me a check for all 9 planets that are for the American people, as I worked for their freedom and success to achieve them.

One armament could not be bought in the amount of $289 million and I could collect payment for all installs in our star system and begin work on the projects that I have under development. Can this debt be used against him from our projects and why is debt used rather than the standard definition of a market driven business? You fulfill a need with what you build and create

These aliens were tough to dissolve

The nice thing is President Joe Biden stood against alien agenda like I have and it is known “he was against the alien agenda we stood for for all these years,” and we should get paid $128 million through my attorney and all those before had paid them

Many had sex with them and they had been outed and they should never take credit for our victory


“We always collected payment,” for aliens existing because the marine base needed to buy weapons so my request for payment against those supporting the alien agenda is warranted  against those who bought weapons and declared their bankruptcy already.

At least we know the truth and we will tell anyone in the main stream media what you do and we know who sleeps with them.


Confirm William Burns

Burns is long confirmed. Paul Ryan attempted to kill him. So who is in command and attempting to do good work for the American people and I am against harming the Biden administration so can burns add russian convictions against ryan. We deposited the treasury money after Biden won

We have espionage that has gone on with Robert L Stevenson and other individuals who accepted bribery since 1998 and encouraged other members formerly of our armed forces to receive foreign payments that were ongoing before with other Defense contractors who were questionable now with what I found out about the Russian sub and removing forward readiness. James Slyfield deserves an arrest warrant based on payments possibly and suspicious activity he conducted previously. “I monitored her office so we could accept Chinese payments” he admitted regarding mine when I was an honest publisher of Military Beat who knew about communism, and so this team is corrupt and President Joe Biden should pursue them as we had Rudy Giuliani and others. Richard Cheney was a bench warrant in Missouri and Bush campaign is making covid and should be liable for any new cases by providing basic income direct draft from their accounts as individuals who accepted bribery from Russia and China. Were they already charged with Covid to include gates who should ba a bench warrant with Gordon Duff and was Richard Branson involved? They scare us and honest hardworking Americans have no need to resign. Why should those who accepted bribery from our adversaries be allowed to harm the American people?

What was cheney most afraid of “russian convictions” we already made. This is not a slight to Russia and we all want covid over

We have no jails.

We know who admitted they had received notice from Biden they were resigned and they accepted bribery from our adversaries

“We have the gold standard, money back and differential was paid”

We could audit outgoing administration and remove communism threat.

These communism threat individuals directly relate to Islamic threats created


Forestal ended

We can compete with our current standing and should not let that slide as it appears that someone has done in media



Biden removed van

Biden does not believe in aiding our adversaries to have free apartments and the drug money van was gone this morning, so I hope it is permanent as with the Trump administration there was too much given to those offshore and accepted bribery internally. What is bad about the apartments from yesterday’s article is the package costs of monitoring and surveillance that goes with them and so it is a lose, lose for Americans and humans.

Do we care if Colin Powell owns them? As long as he pays for them. The methamphetamine trade should stop and North Korea should consider jobs for its people.

I work to eliminate costs for Biden. Is there anywhere where I can help today? “We have the gold standard, tax money and differential paid,” and I should receive a stipend from the drug money I have stopped as an informancy fee is typically 4-6% and stopping the drugs will eliminate other costs of jails and other costs. We hope to bring back the friendliness in Los Angeles I expected.

Pay per arrest should be reviewed in Los Angeles. We need steady pay for law enforcement that is not reliant on shipments of drugs to seed the market to stimulate salaries, courts and equipment purchasing.  Fewer courtrooms will be established saving municipal costs and costs paid by the American people, police will look more human and we will have far less drug use. Can you imagine a city of Los Angeles free of methamphetamine and the savings?

We reduce debt.

I have served against methamphetamine since I was 19 and was involved with the Carlsbad/Oceanside Police Departments in California, as an informant and now container loads have been stopped. William Burns is active and looking for espionage and these criminals are “on the run.”

Gold had been kept to prevent devaluing due to drug money and the debt can be serviced by Biden Administration and as debt spending is reduced it is easier to service with more money coming in to Treasury.

They expected jails to be built for the drug trade we endured. Wray had been arrested and duff from yesterday’s column had been the last to help trump with only a small amount of cocaine. Biden is in and good standing can happen