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Cost of Intention of Malice, Who is Liable?

With the restraining order here, Robert L Stevenson of San Clemente, California intended to exact malice on my person and global position. It has been used as a weapon which is not what a restraining order is designed to do. He has had unfettered access while holding less global standing than I have restricting access of mine to people I chose to participate with who work in our country for the American people as I am an American. He has aided adversaries since 1998 possibly from within our government. What are the costs of his participation with foreign governments against all Americans? I have sided with our service members and the American people consistently for their financial and Constitutional interests. In 1998, both Russian and Chinese governments were operating in the background against Americans and they have been repeatedly identified. They have also consistently mimicked our side through the use of the British government. We have no need to disarm because of an American war crimes tribunal against those who sided with our adversaries.

This is intentional malice. And to be clear it was stated it is being done to cheat all Americans. When a group is cheating all Americans with our adversaries, what is that criminal activity to be known as? How can we recover? Sue them.

This restraining order could be voided through the proof of a framed murder against me and proof of his service to foreign powers against American interests I have obtained. I remember a restraining order delivered to me without signature. I did not agree to it nor have to acknowledge its receipt. It is now known Stevenson and their had started working with the communist Chinese government then and I was against that even then. The man who murdered someone and framed me, I have data to support that, was working with a foreign government against our country, and they  gave me the restraining order I never kept or thought I needed. At that time I thought he was an American and I found out differently and did not know what it was for. It has been reported already in this flyer here that the individuals have been working against American interests. Stevenson has misrepresented himself. How do we out someone like that through our intelligence community? Who wants a traitor to all American citizens to encourage American assets to lie? That is what he has done. This hurts our country and has done so for over twenty years now. The traitor uses those assets to penetrate our country to commit financial crime. They are being used against their own interests unknown and unseen to them. By him encouraging them to lie, and them doing it, they accept his penalty kick, power over and against them.

Why do they lie? Is the penalty kick a benefit to them? Negative. Truth saves lives and people don’t like it.  I would like to examine the impacts from 1998 to present of traitors encouraging American assets to lie and to assess the financial damage those lies have caused. This is a good project for our next administration tied in with an audit of the Pentagon. If you examine the costs of each instance. Why is this a dangerous thing? Isn’t it called analysis? I would like to talk with agency professionals who can see and understand financial crime. I provided my testimony against Donald Trump who stole election 2016 as Hillary Clinton stole the Primary. Why is he not forced to campaign with his liabilities assessed. We are already in April rapidly approaching 2020 election. He stole the election from 74% of the voters and it is admitted. The words “talked to me sweetly” is disgusting with the word sweetly being gross. We do not have that where I want to work at the Pentagon. There is no sweat talk there with our group that is straight honor and justice.

I don’t want to work with Let us begin here or anywhere. He is not on my side, and he will not be part of any deposal paperwork as he is part of the talking sweetly side I am disgusted with.  We work for American interests in my household. I suspect they are not.

It was found out the illegal restraining order was accepted by Supreme Court justices as a legal authority. At this point it is in opposition to their interests.

What was their perception at the time the restraining order was accepted? It was illegal.

Bias can also be about narrow mindedness, and an inability to understand possibilities that are beneficial yet unknown to them.

We own our world together and our galaxy.

I do not like the fact that Bill Gates has a hold on my home. Where are our opportunities today? Don’t we look for those anymore? I am ready to create opportunities if given half the chance he was then and he lied. The talk sweetly side uses the advanced telephony here and to me that is where the problem lies. Maybe they could go play dirt on their own property and not steal from one American for the rest of their lives. Why would Bernie Sanders die if I put that down.

Bill Gates needs to drop the restraining order now. He has no rights to my property nor my life and I do not approve of those they selected to monitor my home. This is what I mean, he, Duff and the others can observe each other and play paydirt on their own properties being observed by real intelligence as they move things around and maybe that community can collect dollars. This is the stupid game that they played here. I am not into playing games with my life savings and to me we need to move forward beyond their quest to a whole new leadership. If you turn the camera on them, what are they doing today? I want to work on American innovation for dairy farmers desperately needed. Sweetly can go and do whatever he does. What does it take to get them away from my home and for me to work with dairy farmers to develop chemistries for them.

Why are people so anxious to create terrorism against the farmers. I would rather make money today but I guess that is not going to happen. I will make it happen somehow.

Americans can leave their home and return safely without air support with no harm done.

What is a dream come true?

A dream come true is solid American standing with our gold standard behind it for everyone and our money back to be delivered to everyone. As our American war crimes tribunal pushes forward, it is important to note how and why wars are fought against us winning. No it is not what you think. It is that old combined conflict that goes on in the background and it was identified today not to be commanded by either commander in Chief, the one you see on TV  and not me. When we had assembled the united forces for a ground war in Libya, he was pleased with my thought pattern and knew we could win.

Our current conflict there was began by the British who wanted to begin their war on terrorism and they encouraged the combined conflict group to participate who then split Delta Force, rather than them join forces with my team over there to take down the Turkish threat to the Libyan government. Our Constitutional government will prevail and then enemy in waiting is the overlord’s side. Bush convictions need to be made.

We need to bring the British here for the war crimes tribunal here on American soil, they could be extradited if they refuse. Previously they set out to blame us for terrorism when they knew internationally we were being monitored for war crimes. They then provoked an incident in the background. They were as of this morning as of this morning in command of a split Delta Force operating against me and our formal Commander in Chief. They have intermediaries working at a Naval installation. The alleged field trainer is working with Leahy side and they also threaten to kill him and me. Then they send the “Georgia ones” or Minatkans to Camp Pendleton for prostitution services. “They get the Georgia ones” so essentially they have sex to make us lose our wars as foreign powers operate our Armed forces. Miramar is also involved.

We can win. I still need to have depositions filed against the other commander in chief, who is toxic in some ways.

Remember Solyndra? What makes the Obama lifestyle so good? Spending millions for nothing? That is not a lifestyle I admire. If he does not stop, our worst nightmare is the harvester. I deserve to be paid for our work.

I hope the audit goes through. Optimism is in efficient lifestyles. Constitutionalism saves lives. I should be paid for my service to our country.

Land grab is criminal.

How much was stolen since September 11th by war criminals?

Today we are anxiously awaiting our war crimes tribunal to begin here on American soil if there is enough stomach for it. Obama does not want it to happen and is OK with the American public being stolen from by the war criminals. Allen surveillance dead. Why is Stevenson trying to shoot me. He has not fought these war criminals for the last 18 years and was not involved in profiteering in Ukraine. I want my job in American foreign policy and I am waiting to be picked up for the tribunal to happen I am putting together hopefully with those at the Department of Defense who want to account for the stolen funds since September 11th in every conflict we have had, Richard Cheney’s team goes into a country to loot them. He did that here in this city.

Cocaine planet is overrated. What I want is a job working with my side at the Pentagon, auditing the amounts stolen so that we can recover them from Cheney’s companies. When you think about the conflict in Ukraine, they went in during the Obama administration, so he could be included in the special tribunal. It was December 2013 when friends of Ukraine met here in America, as I remember it, and they coordinated companies to move into ukraine against the government there. It was corrupt, and needed to be brought down, however not by a self interested group of individuals seeking to steal everything they had. Yanukovych regime was really corrupt and that is how they worked it. Their goal was to make an entry point.

Who pays? War crimes

When an incident happens like the coup in Ukraine there are multiple parties known as actors contributing to the scenario set up behind the scenes by expert players who see war for profit as their means to survival. How much have they stolen? Deposed Trump stole 2016 and I am President of our country because of that deposal process. I continue to work for the voters and internationals to recover their stolen assets from the war criminals.

I am not paid for my work yet and I would like a diplomatic career and payment for hard work accomplished.

I watched as Friends of Ukraine started their campaign to likely steal assets with several meetings to be discussed. When they moved in I monitored Ukraine daily and campaigned for Vladimir Putin to sit down with the separatists who were being stolen from, not by their countrymen but from us. I was very angry and against those stealing. It has been found out likely now that Putin and Nuland who were working against the known target where meeting in private.

Buildings found to be same as those who did 9/11

It was said about me, “Skyscrapers falling ain’t no American lifestyle,” by an individual who trained the half breed to say it. The space jet he has was also brought in from another star system by him and a boat captain as a scam to launder drug money while keeping the same threats in the background.

These two are both fraud and are laundering drug money. Duff his trainer, has been laundering drug money running the programmers here with a false core tied to Los Angeles. It will be interesting when his physical features fall apart.

Duff said to the man they likely created, “Can you say out loud  for me, skyscrapers fallin ain’t no American lifestyle.” This was later said in a court proceeding and I don’t know how it can help. We should not be afraid living in America that buildings will be timed and go off like they did on September 11th.

Today they threatened Knoxville, Tennessee and it was admitted they did a lot of other buildings with the same nuclear components. Skyscrapers falling should be followed up soon.

“It ain’t no common girl’s fact,” and that fact was confirmed. It is the my  Presidential fact and we are completing our tribunal. I became President long ago and intend to serve for formal proceedings. I am no common girl. I am a woman who has worked for the American people for 22 years and have researched for most of that time to have the data I have available to the American people.

To stop the war crimes tribunal, it was told to American service members, “Skyscrapers falling ain’t no common Gi’s fault,” and they blamed me for their nuclear components. “We deployed these nuclear components in the columns,” of World Trade Center 1 & 2 was said by Bush Carlyle. They were also previously called the only threat he has left and with today’s near incident, they are to be on record should any buildings go off like that ever again. Will they.

It should be a common Gi’s fact today. I am scared that this will happen again and looking at this footage one can understand why. I am afraid of not speaking up in time.

It is a lifestyle that needs to stop the problem of those skyscrapers filed with nuclear components from harming American people ever again.

Who did the buildings? It was likely Duff who started in Russia. See diagram.

Directed Energy Weapons should not be used on me or us

It had been identified yesterday that the connection to the teleporter I wondered about connected to the plane at Miramar. It relates to the Directed Energy weapons used here. Those were criminally used on my car to begin with because I had identified terrorists in Syria that many people at the time including now deposed stole 2016 Donald Trump would have wanted to defeat. Recep Erdogan was his enemy then. We could defeat the enemy today, other star systems, and they still use the weapons here. Now it was claimed that they were allowed because we wanted other star systems to be here while at the same time God and I have been fighting them and these same war criminals clearly state that they don’t want to admit to being guilty of September 11th because we have a greater enemy those other star systems. I am not the enemy I only hold our planet together. We can work together. Isn’t it you who is prosecuting the war criminals? I became President. All Hands could have a Bernie Sanders advisor. Deposed Trump stole 2016 and I have a right to complete my depositions right away without the Mercer clause that was added.

Secularism. Do not allow the fact that I am known as God to control your decision making. It is a benefit to have God around when fighting all enemies.

Bush stole election 2000, and according to him, “could not have come into power unless the below grounds exist,” meaning he stole the election and used the harvesting contract I am defeating.

Allow no illegal armaments to come in and hurt us from offshore. We can win. It is only me sitting here fighting and I would like to put a good team together of intelligence professionals.

It is good that you are willing to get rid of “communism coming,”  or maybe you won’t. Giving war criminals sex? Our minds are a battlefield and our wars are fought intelligently. Trump who I deposed by testimony should not be included in any conversation I am a part of and should have no access to my machine. People have to be willing to work with me independently of these war criminals. “You got rid of communism coming?” Duff asked connected to the teleporter and that was denied by you.  He needs to be charged with the war crimes and that is all I am asking you to do.

Why is he winning Bikram? The Mayor. I recorded my testimony at the City Council meeting, so that I could provide it by deposition here. Witness protection should be guaranteed not allowing the war criminal who should be charged with 18 years of crimes access to my machine. It is 18 years of criminal activity they conducted. Obviously I did not commit any war crimes and I did not commit financial crimes I am asking for depositions for. Trump stole 2016 Why give him access? So Obama could control us with the war criminals? Aren’t depositions set for today. He would find out any way. We have to be ready to recover all of the funds from 2001 to now.

We should allow the Boeing contract to be open as it was clear this same team defrauded them with the sensors they put in the planes. Who had access to those planes? All of this data has been acquired over many years and at the beginning, it was said by the side I am on now,  “I say we use that testimony and give that gal a clearance level.” I have worked hard since then and for the last 18 years to make the war crimes tribunal stand up. I became President. This is a Democratic district. Money Back should be ours and not the alien agenda.

Constitutionalists exist to be protected and not harmed.

I became President August 8, 2017 and should be paid for my investigation, not harmed. War crimes tribunal expected and I am to preside over it as Presidentially as I can be made to be.

My side only should respond here.

Based on the fact that Barack Obama is conducting change of power, Gina Haspel and the Base commander should step aside. This is 18 years of testimony that only I can present. When did the planet owners get appointed, when we knew about the larger threat?

What gave them any benefits of my negative install. I chose to do it to protect everyone.

My Presidency would be working with the UAE for the $6 Billion there and not sitting here deciding if I am a man or a woman.

Teleporter confirmed and to be removed

It was not confirmed it was their criminal quest teleporter they had connected in the Miramar aircraft. It was terrible from the beginning on their quest with Cheney and his war criminal friends here. Deposal of stole 2016 Trump went through long ago and Hillary Clinton stole 2016. Bernie Sanders won 2016 technically. This was used to move cigarette boxes and other items around my home and is why my home is messy. I usually pay a housekeeper and have money, yet since I became President I am running on fumes trying to explode harvesters. Tits has more balls and is paid less money for more work.

They drugged me and said that I would want men’s private parts cut off which I said after they hurt me and drugged me and in a normal posture would never do to anyone. What I like is real investigation and discovery. My depositions are needed with our gold program for the Bernie Sanders advanced team. Obama was caught using deposed stole 2016 Trump’s Presidency criminally.

“We let them bother him (Donald Trump) until we take the country away from him,” said Barack Obama about deposed stole 2016 Trump and I became President. I am not part of them nor  their corrupt foreign policy.

Mayor’s boyfriend I would like to have bust Obama in downtown Los Angeles. Christopher Wray is complicit in the drug laundering for drawing rights. Can someone arrest them. I went there and softened the area and they should be good and ready now.

Constitutionalism guaranteed

No handstamp for our American service members or anyone.

This was learned about on my trip up to Oregon.

The master plans have been identified as land grab and the human formed extraterrestrials they went on a quest with did not have any building aptitude. They are to be seen as surplus housing.

Will the aliens made up body parts fall off? They did not own our planet to start with.

Please disconnect G’s equipment to the Miramar jet. I am actually his commander in chief, and am not to be made fun of for my ugly combat life. We are going to take down the harvester.

My home should be private and I am going to get ready for depositions for Monday.

Constitutionalism only and Mercers manufactured depositions will not cut it,. It was found out he created them to make aliens live here longer.

I have always been our negative holder and we restored it to its correct position long ago. It had been criminally moved before. It is perfect.

Los Angeles can be busted now.

Straight and honest

When I saw Robert L Stevenson, who he is now, and he is trying to cling onto the handlers I had from before, and they are more criminal than he is or I want to be. He just asked, “I can still work downtown,” to them. I feel bad for him and would like to get to the bottom of the crimes they caused him to do. He looked like a tired old burnt out police detective. I saw the woman Janice they made into our negative holder as a woman who would not fit in with the service members I would like to be around or NASA professionals. Right now my appearance is poor because these criminals have been as was found out by NASA who asked, “What was that you put in your trash can,” it meant that aliens own our planet. It was from Branson poisoning my environment here at home and that is what 2 1/2 years of my Presidency has been about. How much can you tarnish someone using advanced machines. If you lived here you would be dead. They knew humans, we own our planet outright, and that is because of my work as our negative holder. At least I have made a case against Donald Trump who I deposed by testimony and I looked professional today. They key to a great photo was nature.

So, onto Janice, I saw them originally in a fellowship spacecraft, the same people who are working here, they were partying, drinking and making plans, crafting a woman, designing her body parts including her legs. That is what they do is create fake people our of alien genes and hormones. It seems like they start with a blue like modeling clay with the supercomputer and adjust it. Nature makes me look better and we need to make them look worse. I am a straight convictions President and want all of our data to be used including my research data. Constitutionalist. What I do not like are the fake footage and making me look bad.

Nature is working hard today. Our money back should be delivered to every American during these hard times, not given to alleged planet owners. Stevenson was not made up yesterday which made me feel better about who he is. It is disappointing that he continues to work for those who committed crimes with the stock market. I wish someday he would have the courage to take them down like I do. I provided my testimony in earnest and want to include every crime they committed to the agency guy who Stevenson was asking if he could work downtown. I did not like that he told Christopher Wray he could continue the same crime I testified against. When the stock market attempted to crash, it is likely that they continued to pull money out. $17 trillion like an ATM in October 2019 and that needs to be included in depositions against Donald Trump. How it is done, “I thought you said when we used the machines we would not get caught?” said Donald Trump, and here is more on the machines.

I will gladly accept my paperwork.

Duff is a different story. He has been scummy since I made that phone call to him. I knew he was in on a con, and we he was screaming about a friend’s passport, maybe that had something to do with where he created the virus he and his wife admitted to adding DNA to create. That friend was investigating harmful diseases and the labs that were creating them internationally. Can the virus be included in the depositions.

Why is Duff in a position of power. He created the prayer breakfasts claiming God could not be spoken of? It was said by the now dead boulder “People think of you as God,” about Duff. Why?

We do not have a bankruptcy at all. Why would anyone say that? Duff created bankruptcy? Why? House and Senate members all have our gold standard and money back, now we need to pursue those who have stolen the $840 trillion by auditing the Pentagon and add those funds to collected revenue in our future when we identify the accounts where those funds were hidden. Remember Robert Mercer and the Nixon ones, what makes them not investigated with any private LLC accounts started by extraterrestrials. Shouldn’t it be easier to identify where they have their money and who they are now.

What is up with that retirement home?

Fake impeachment started here, to support their alien agenda bankruptcy for the handmarkers.

“Robert Mercer’s daughter, Rebekah Mercer, serves on the board of the Gatestone Institute and the family’s foundation provided at least $250,000 the group, led by former national security adviser John Bolton, which promotes fake news stories advancing anti-Muslim conspiracy theories,” according to the National Memo today.

Veritas fails  Vice President Bernie Sanders I really became President and he should have accepted my offer to take my Presidency from me rather than winning it outright. Deposed Trump and Hillary Clinton stole 2016 and he should have had a chance to compete

We can cooperate in Syria.

Who is running the advanced team in the Middle East?

Russians did not pay for the planet

Russians did not pay for the planet. Below ground jails could fall and I could get paid for the planet I own outright.

In the meantime, we have to continue to solve problems. There is no need for camera’s to create false incidents for dead children’s souls.

From yesterday, an individual was ordered to kill children and the supercomputer went on.

The operator said the following,

“I said accentuate the children’s age and accentuate the secret service agency lady of the future,” referring to me and attempted to turn me into a corrupt person that I am not, getting their dead souls to believe a lie. My goal is to take their souls into God’s hands and use them for our benefit of the honest side. We needed to know why they were killing children and what they used them for. I am always honest to the best of my ability, to a fault sometimes.

That is how they recruit souls criminally exposing them to fraudulent imagery.

It was found out the false imagery is stored on mainframe computers called false pictographs. We need only real imagery of real criminal activity.

Gold standard and money back get delivered to all American people. I also became President. Deposed Trump stole election 2016 and I am ready for depositions to be completed. Drug laundering is too lucrative a business for the Supreme Court.

I quest for the camera to be brought down.

The depositions need to be based on all facts and data I have on hand.

This morning we are after the drug money laundering that now pointed to the CIA Director.

The camera has been identified as connected to the Oceanside Police Department, and one example of harmful use is when I went to the beach this morning, there was no blockade, and then a cleaning crew put one up, so when I came up from the beach, I had to climb over it.

When I caught Senator Patrick Leahy killing children as is found to be done using the computing system, they tried to use the footage on me, “I can’t stand it she went on the beach well before so we’re going to see is we can use the footage wrongly.” I am a journalist on the scene reporting on the incamera,

It was also found out that they use if with planted controlled substances. Our goal is to turn the camera on the planters of controlled substances. Here at my home, one individual said “We’re going to plant some of those controlled substances we use,” and in reality when the camera is used the source of the controlled substances should be forced to be identified, this takes the evidence up the chain. His were sourced from the down south cartel. We need to bust them, so maybe we can use the Oceanside Police Department camera correctly to locate the large amounts of cocaine money brought into our area. Who has a lot of money in their account?

Leahy said kill children again this morning, and admitted to creating the disease called Covid, and he should be made liable for everyone’s having to be stuck in their homes or considering a trip to 7-11 a pharmacological experience with people wearing surgical masks and gloves. Disease cannot be spread any more.