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War crimes and identifying those who aided our advesaries

Biden won and he has claimed our victory over the harvesting with loose ends still to tie up against the outgoing administration that had aligned itself through Melania and Trump’s banking contacts as well as others they were involved with. Remember long ago we found out how their family was only able to use Russian banks, this is significant to identify others owned lurking in the background.

Michael Flynn lost credentialing and was likely bribed, and Gordon Duff still remains so as we look to the Biden administration it is important to point out Turkey and the relationships that lead up to the overspending by Trump officials

The Differential was paid despite them.

Richard Cheney was a warrant in St. Louis Missouri and a war criminal known

Please examine the roles of individuals who partnered with Hulusi Akar and the buildings they attempted to bomb as they should not receive credentials and they had been fired from DOJ and were considered “convicted felons.”

Long before Americans were compensated by our victory against the extraterrestrials with $80 gazillion that no outgoing official really wanted and whom these men slept with, these individuals worked with Akar and flynn who with Stevenson admitted, “We were terrorism suspects,” Akar was “dying to meet with us and he can’t come out of the states right now because of terrorism we (duff and Stevenson) planted in the building,” in 2018, and these individuals received bribery from our adversaries and how many women have worked against war crimes for 20 plus years to find out weakening American forward readiness was behind receipt of bribery from our adversaries.

Biden worked hard for Turkey to be honorable and honest financially and we keep honest standing as Americans.

We did recover all controllers and Biden was delivered them and others have been identified as Chinese side based on data and they were harmful. Obama had been fired from DOJ and these individuals are hold over in the background as they accepted Russian bribery

Will the outgoing administration be able to repay their war debt, differential and Covid expenses and individuals could be held personally responsible.

Cocaine was obvious and instructed to perform and those Russian ones we’re still going after. They had an impact on turkey and on decreasing forward readiness.

God works here and is free. I work for him.

I hope this is confirmed as Romney said on December 1, 2020, “I am am now arraignable for the covid we created with G and his team,” referring to Gordon Duff  and Trump administration both owned by adversaries and Biden did receive their paypoints accounts and those can be used against him and applied to costs by Merrick Garland as part of an ongoing housing investigation. “We were given the war crimes debt” they said  and it has been found that individuals who accepted Russian bribery were in the same position so who else could be included and Bill Gates comes up.

As he was forced to resign from Microsoft long ago during trump administration whose officials were photographed serving his cottage industry, how much do they have left against Covid and we do have other high profile people we can charge for American’s sickness and the vacation industry must be made aware of who is liable and the Department of Justice must be ready to charge those individuals for millions of travelers harmed since March 15, 2019.

How much revenue comes to California from vacations and who is liable for Covid?

Biden should never be second to treason and owned individuals.

Media appearances should be mine made up as a beautiful honest asset and all data should be used against anyone harming Americans or internationals

Turkey had been ruined by trump team and our armed forces had been confused and lost ground through 2019. Secularism should remain strong with anti-colonialism because we have a non-owned President with a non owned first lady.

“We all could have been vacated,” known about the owned trump administration and in reality that was the people’s will who believed in Mueller time and did not know how bribed they all were. 87% wanted them removed.

What would that 87% feel about giving them free apartments as a severance package to import adversaries to steal their jobs? That is what I reported on here:

Payment due to me.

Can someone at Department of Defense status my combat by intelligence means as assigned combat for 23 years with Military Beat as a startup where I learned what some did in the background against us, and we do not fall to our adversaries.  The best thing that we can do is collect their data and Biden was amazing saying “We charged back the wealthy landowners,”  and that brought funds in to fuel our fight against owned ones. Depositions have been filed by us.

Can you imagine if he published a list and stopped them, those 31 members creating debt and charging us for it. “31 members are under arraignment” versus Senator Patrick Leahy is up for reelection in 2022 and “those are my leadership for agenda 21” as he said. So we should campaign against him and them as we have all data against him, search @a_diener and 3 aliens are left. We know they are owned and should never arrest Americans and their names need to be published for the American people to secure their common interests against those who sided against them unknowingly and vote as many as they can out.

We have a duty to inform the American people who do not know those who suppress our freedom and we are a Constitutional government for good and we can pay out debt backed notes because Janet Yellen  knows Colorado has snow

Americans must serve their interests honorably and we serve all based on what we know and uncover.





Gold Program

Based on the flimsy construction of the SN10 it is not right for space. Seeing it explode again yesterday caused me to think about our gold program spacecraft that must be brought back to Biden Administration officials and is it found at the home of individuals caught yet again laundering drug money for Trump? They may have it there to keep it hidden so America cannot be independent in space travel, free from private interests who were too involved in their drug trade previously. Those individuals are separate from Biden Administration and outed.

Our gold program is sturdy. It has thrusters that enable humans to travel to other galaxies in 5 days. We need a real space force and the gold program is like a MIG 29 or F-16 fighter versus the SN10, a twin engine plane repurposed for show. We want the real ships to be made and used by our pilots in space to work on all 10 planets.  Thinking about when the arrived here, their captain was killed and he was human. There were two humans who arrived on gold spacecraft and they joined in the fight against the large boulder builder harvester that was later exploded. One died. The captain was later killed by Trump Administration. We did not approve of the killing of him.

He went through the sun that day and could not handle the velocity they created. Humans belong in space and that can be accomplished with the Biden Administration. We do not need jails built for anyone and it is a completely separate administration organized

This was small time drug trade this morning and it is illegal

Do not explode my space craft that had been given to drug users under Trump and we intend to use it for manufacturing with Biden officials. What is the value of that spacecraft?  This is an ongoing story. The gold program directly competes with Russia


“Vegas shooters were turned in again” said by me regarding Robert L Stevenson and I was promised they would receive 10 years for that and Gordon Duff  “trying to launder a little drug money” as a low life con.

A good day ahead for us.

Practical and real pays.

It was found out the MIG was sold to Russia before the USS Lincoln was approached by a Russian submarine.

We have 97 controllers in Biden’s hands and that was part of my planet ownership.

Constitutionalist and journalist and politician

I am a war crimes expert based on 23 years standing up for Americans.

We own the Planet with Bernie Sanders.

John Kiriakou is our side

“We have gold standard, the tax money was delivered and the differential has been paid” and can continue to be debited as housing values fluctuate against cocaine properties.

We to go after all russian convictions and those who accepted bribery from our adversaries and it is a violation of the 14th and we have all data to include ongoing facts for prosecutions.

Differential is the value of existing homes when compared to the cocaine properties and if they were considered excess

I hope we have our gold program and I can help Americans get into space for development there sustainability

“We received a letter of resignation from the Biden administration,” said and known so they should not harm American people.

I work hard for the American people and own our planet with Sean.

We have an audit coming up of the NSA and all data to include package installs and other spending should be included to be stopped

Maxwell arraignments should happen

Cheney was an arrest warrant in Missouri.

“I was a bench warrant in texas” said bush post tribunal and is he still and they are liable for 20 years of war crimes to include stock market crime from 2008 and we need to know how much they will pay back.

Christopher Wray had been arrested in los angeles and it was lied about.

“We passed her up for the war crimes tribunal,” and that is on record as of 2 years ago, so I should be allowed to participate with all data against the suspects we are auditing and all data used  to include all crimes committed that could impact Biden foreign policy decision making.  Discretionary spending is needed and I deserve my planet money from this administration  and deserve to work on my projects in all 50 states to make up for the stolen money from me for 20 years since my magazine money was stolen by the same people. I and the American people deserve a reset to 2000 with checks in hand from the Justice Department rather than from the war criminals tabulating my harvester kills as credits for them and Biden, “We are going to calculate those monies as straight credits at $1 per pound for 7 billion people” said and that awards me a check for $128 million.

Biden won by vote and was against aliens landing. Bernie Sanders can collect our payment and we can have fun working on our global sustainability projects which I have 17 years research and development on. We need American exports to compete with China and Russia.

A little about the history of our galaxy

Invaders to our Galactic sun said, “Let’s just give this world a devil and that way we can always just fight against him,” and he was a British boy who went to an American school. He stole $463,000 from me.  I want that recovered with interest as both were involved with 9/11 and one loved adelson who died and he was upset at the kill team that killed kennedy and I turned in the in and out shooters today again for a cocaine transaction to FBI

“Everybody deserves to be rich not broke” were his childhood words and that is what we have

I was blamed for 9/11 with the headset that was installed as the guilty party after it was conducted and I keep working for every victim to achieve compensation from the guilty parties including myself, so how can we achieve that today? Sanders did not have anything to do with 9/11 and neither did I, however Gates intimidated us from campaigning and now with Biden, how do we insure financial standing against them and it took a lot of work to identify the guilty

Constitutionalism is our guarantee.

Good standing is important.

The only way we will compete with our adversaries is to develop our 10 planets without hand stamping and that gives us something to dream about.

Congress should deliver the recovery money in huge amounts to compete as the CCP members all got paid

Biden won the election and has to move quickly on advancing human interests

Our projects would recreate the breadbasket of America and China, bring waste to energy to developed and developing countries and help deliver zero waste homes internationally.

Why would people hurt me for wanting America to be number one and knowing how we can achieve it

Agenda ended 3 months ago and so we are ready to work on good jobs creation projects here.

My first question of the day is how do I help our country to be successful.

Differential should be posted daily against paypoints members if foreclosures exist as those are devalued properties and we knew they used cocaine because he started the cocaine cartel. Cocaine was delivered daily and that was openly discussed, and not my fault as I turned them all in for down south. How would someone on a poster pay me for the planet? I deserve straight payment by Presidential seal from Joseph Biden and John Kerry for us to compete.

Planet payments could be a direct payment through meeting me

In any other country I would look like a dynamic woman by now

The best question I picked up is “As gates did 9/11 why am I receiving a vaccine from him.”  We know he did Covid and we need to pursue full liability against their profiteering. I do not write as consumer advocate for no action to be taken and it must be public. We are stronger than they are and need to see them as depositions to be filed against them for future debiting.  It would be nice to have a healthy planet. We are.

White stuff dead



Defeating Extraterrestrials

We are in a Biden Administration so we need to focus on what he wants, so I am going to contribute my two cents worth. I have been at war now for 4 years against harmful entities and I intend to win. What can be done to get paid for the planets I own based on all data and in reality our planet is not owned by Israel. It is owned by all of us to include Middle East Palestinian supporters who have more power in diversity and we have our gold standards and our tax money and the differential on the land grab has been paid.  At least here the settlements were compensated for because finally individuals obstructing justice were removed from obstruction.

Do we need more information and when is Merrick Garland confirmed. He can go after Bill Gates who we have been after for too long. Did he create Covid? Can we assess liability against him and others. When all data is public you know who is who and Richard Cheney was already a bench warrant. He was already in on the Covid.

When can we have an honest discussion and we need to identify any and all extraterrestrial matter in our foods. So what is in the vaccines? We need to be cautious as we are discussing this morning “Can we admit hitler designed our country and finally end racism,” said regarding Israel, and in reality it was designed by extraterrestrials which we have few. Racism connects to the white extraterrestrials that cloned and we are ending them.  We know the white stuff is bad from extraterrestrials and they have tried to harm us so are they including more components in those vaccines? Yes. We must preserve and protect natural genes.

I am a public servant. We have a surplus of $80 gazzillion for Biden. Israeli only cannot talk to me and they were liable for the telephony. Haavara pact transferred jews to Israel under Joseph Goebbels, so in reality it was those involved in the holocaust who contained Jews. It was by design, people were favored and paid. Now with the incoming administration, we are working on destroying myths to protect the American people. Behind the transfer and payment of jews was IBM and their punch cards. When you see that it immediately points to Bill Gates. We have instant transfer of funds from the Treasury, and he should not have access to it for Covid he created. The $600 was just an example before for $2,000 incoming. America would be much more healthy with a direct transfer to every American. We need no shooting spree and any such thing is murder.

I am always working to end racism and to tell the truth. We can do both by acknowledging there does not need to be a hitler myth anymore as in reality he had brown hair and was likely poisoned by extraterrestrials to radicalize. We can manufacture Buicks and Chevrolets now with Biden and I hate those Mercedes vans from the human eating administration and I worked hard to find out all data to protect Biden from them and one preacher needs to realize that white stuff may be poisoning him. What will it take to remove the white chemistries. I am against Patrick Leahy and it was refreshing when someone said “I am going to run against him” in 2022. Harvesting ended and Biden was against aliens landing here. He supported “known felons” and we are against them.

We need real Democrats and real Republicans. Why is Leahy using the War Powers Act. Jails were to be used for methamphetamine users started during the Trump administration and that was the prison pipeline alluded to by Christopher Wray. I have always been against methamphetamine. I have never used anything other than marijuana and would not even know how to obtain a controlled substance from a perpetrator. Informant has always been me in regards to larger transactions and I worked to bust down south to include Christopher Wray who was busted on drug charges in Los Angeles, so I look forward to seeing some good opportunities in diplomacy and receive a percentage of every bust we made at the standard four percent rate. I destroyed their cocaine labs. It was nice when the drug business shut down and Los Angeles went dark. Guadalajara was also busted, and Obrador switched to Marijuana.

I know a lot more than most people and spent 23 years educating myself against our adversaries. Will I get paid for my service career when we win or should I run for Diane Feinstein’s seat. My mortgage fraud investigation should go through DOJ and as I drove by the apartments in Vista, CA, they seemed like they were starting to crumble. There was never a Fellowship needed on my planet and few know such an organization that kills and rapes kids as well as implants them. These are extraterrestrial tendencies and we are against them. I found the same implant I was given at 5 on my boyfriend’s neck. We need to stop all implantation against Humans and win. Never hand stamping and we are protected against Gates.

Harmful extraterrestrials die here and why is that a big deal? Should we give those who harm us welfare? Any change in our currency is that and we have cash printing.

Send the hand stamping bag men into custody and they did serve time before. One can root for turned in murderers to serve time. Their pictures are known and they have been in custody to include one Mercedes driver who admitted “I was already in jail for the murders I committed” and these others are just the same and called Israeli only. Do we need them with Biden, they were let go from DOJ and Biden did indeed fire the strange base commander.

Who could do this much work to save everyone? Biden did and we need no drug transfers at all. Everyone knows the differential was paid and Dr. Jill Biden is the one who is the First Lady, not a woman who knew about Trump’s russian banking needs based on how she started with him, as a prostitute. Smooth transition should require compensation to a woman who serves our country and insured financial standing. This should reopen the Wray cold case files against their prostitution now.  We need a new FBI Director as Wray actually said he would not make the convictions. Richard Burr is taking over at CIA and haspel has resigned. We have all data against Trump officials and I am ready to press charges at anytime. To me they used the White House as a brothel for drug running and prostitution and we are glad that changed.

We have detailed who else was involved with their prostitution ring and hopefully they will be arrest warrants. Trump Administration could be arrestable and it is not up to any sheriff’s department, it is the Biden justice department and all data is available to them. Why is drug running for profit allowed, they have been turned in and flynn did lose credentialing so why are those who were working with drug money and accepting bribery anticipating to steal from all Americans allowed over my home with chirpers. We never accept corrupt payments and by his deeds Biden is against those. We know who admitted to conducting 9/11 and it is sad that there was even artwork from one of them in my now dead dad’s home from one of them. We will not be hand stamped by people on a poster wanting to “roll us like puppy dogs.”

I keep track of who is who and who. Why are we waiting so long for them to be arraigned and why am I not compensated and it is no longer about real estate, how much was the differential paid out. I am glad those who obstructed justice were avoided as it was known that the station chief would have accepted my testimony freely and additional liability can always be pursued against others involved in the housing.

Do we want to compare evenly? Their apartments are over $2,000 per month where Americans are paid under $20 per hour and people are leaving California because of it. Those apartment homes along Santa Fe Avenue in Vista, California would be $3,500 and who makes over $100,000 and wants to live here across from a smog shop on the main road for that amount.  We have no jobs and a $900 apartment that is 460 square feet is a much better value on land. This is why they are just crumbling and who wants them? Why they ran drugs is clear. What is an apartment that people can really afford in this area, $1200-1500. It was just published that people are moving to Texas and Florida where people can get more for their money.

Prostitution sponsors admitted they wanted to use these projects to harm America financially. The city here was involved in a discussion, “What will Trump do when the project fails?” was asked. “Trump will go out and borrow money from other people,” was admitted and where he borrows from compromises us

Life is about good works you do and the sooner we get the bad off the planet the better. I hope to be married to Sean.

Nice to see the election convictions I started are going to be passed tonight. I deserve recognition and compensation.


Pain and Suffering

I have spent more time and money investigating the outgoing administration than anyone. I own our planet and work here. We worked against human eating and stopped them. Now it is time for payment for me. We do not need to pay other people this time as so many cons garnered payment saying “Aliens can stay here” and we are human.  I am tired of their sing songy ways. They are turned in for what they did, prostitution . The Russian ones cost me, and I do not want to sleep with Gordon Duff, aligned with them through Veterans Today. Those involved with them should be under investigation. We know what they did. They have been turned in and used advanced machines to harm innocent people.

Our planet is ours. Future projects should be mine to deliver.  I am justice focussed. I have been hurt badly repeatedly. We deserve good spending and no strip tease that is gross and disgusting. I deserve compensation for the days I suffered to collect data. We need to use our resources. Why am I awakened every morning?

I want to be interviewed, and we need to be honest. All data can be used. I can get paid for retaining my planets. We work hard and others lie. My life has not been easy, and I have worked against many threats to our country. My knowledge is golden and America can be number one

Differential was paid and outgoing did not know where it went.

Good standing is always maintained from this point on

Public Service

An elected President is about Public Service. When I was at the beach before the election, I felt the spirit of the American people, an solid, anxious to be inspired and get back to work group who wanted someone to represent them. That is why Joe Biden won and in reality they knew who Donald Trump was when they went to the voting booth. They were like a standing army of their own kind who knew corruption in the media.

We worked on the war criminals of which he was one, or should we say is one. They are happy to have him out. During both impeachment hearings testimony about them could have been heard. I was ready with all data. We now can move ahead and accept the fact the will of the people happened and we worked in the background to save everyone from threats known about that some aided and abetted. In reality that could be brought up too.

A President is a public servant. Richard Cheney was arrested in St. Louis, Missouri and we still have some left on the poster. Should George W Bush cabinet members be involved in the incoming administration and should existential threats such as Bill Gates be left un-tried? No. We need no space shuttle for cocaine and can manufacture our gold program to be self sufficient. What part of Biden would not allow his voters the opportunity to be self sufficient? Old cabinet.

We keep everything we have for the voters who defeated threats. Defeat threats

We have good public service.

Anyone associated with Nisour Massacre and stealing from he American people needs to be removed.

I own our planet and others said “We lied and said they own the planet,” about Bush campaign.

We still have our gold standards and money back as deliverable with the differential paid to Biden Administration officials and Congressional members who were not involved in the housing developments.



Update Biden Won 306 to 232

We delivered the gold standards and tax money, $80 gazzillion, with the differential as paid to the Sanders sides. It is important to update the American people on their financial standing and as Merrick Garland is being confirmed much of the drug laundering he discussed reflected on what was done during the Trump Administration.  I deserve to be paid and we outed much of this drug money laundering as well as hopefully confiscated the jets and typically an informancy fee is paid at 4 percent. From my understanding President Joe Biden fired both Gordon Duff and  Stevenson. Land grab is over and the differential was paid.

I went through three justice departments and the suffering of the hasidic jews is likened to Garland’s testimony so I hope he joins me in keeping Netanyahu on trial in Israel. Trump lost. We have to stand strong against all foreign bribery to include Gates and that leads to the path of white supremacy that connects to Richard Branson and the Mintakans should be next with Romney and it was proven they were aligned with Wexner against Biden since 2012. Maybe it is good for me to keep track because they erase our memories. We have nothing but surplus and have good standing and sex with men is over for men and that is what the outgoing administration did. I saw disgusting stuff and have written about sexual torture conducted by some who consider that anal lifestyle their pastime. I hope to get compensation and deserve it

Obama was let go from the justice department

Land grab disengaged

The old agency had been fired.

I am owed $128 million for our planet.

Update Biden won

We delivered the gold standards and tax money $80 gazzillion with the differential as paid to the Sanders sides. It is important to update the American people on their financial standing and as Merrick Garland is being confirmed much of the drug laundering he discussed reflected on what was done during the Trump Administration.  I deserve to be paid and we outed much of this drug money laundering as well as hopefully confiscated the jets and typically an informancy fee is paid at 4 percent. From my understanding President Joe Biden fired both Gordon Duff and  Stevenson. Land grab is over and the differential was paid.

I went through three justice departments and the suffering of the hasidic jews is likened to Garland’s testimony so I hope he joins me in keeping Netanyahu on trial in Israel. Trump lost. We have to stand strong against all foreign bribery to include Gates and that leads to the path of white supremacy that connects to Richard Branson and the Mintakans should be next with Romney and it was proven they were aligned with Wexner against Biden since 2012. Maybe it is good for me to keep track because they erase our memories. We have nothing but surplus and have good standing and sex with men is over for men and that is what the outgoing administration did. I saw disgusting stuff and have written about sexual torture conducted by some who consider that anal lifestyle their pastime. I hope to get compensation and deserve it

Obama was let go from the justice department

Land grab disengaged

The old agency had been fired.

I am owed $128 million for our planet.

I only like Biden

I worked too hard not to take credit for the planet I own. We eliminated the hand stamping during the outgoing administration. My work days are long and hard, so why suffer for the planets I own? We don’t need failure projects for the incoming administration and yesterday we could fire the contractors affecting our budget I identified and they are the high cost ones and why are we going to keep the contractors who are overspending and are collecting payment. The American public needs to know and the media is our watchdog  and both sides of the aisle need to deliver for the American people.  We have every bit of gold and money back  and the differential was paid to Janet Yellen. She was doing well with Saudi Arabia yesterday. We are in the Biden administration and were working on retooling American car manufacturing and hopefully our gold space program and renewable projects are deliverable. Merrick Garland confirmed soon. This administration has no need for Richard Cheney who was an arrest warrant in St. Louis Missouri and in reality he should not be allowed to collect payment based on his participation with our adversaries against American people and I hope they prosecute all those who did so during the outgoing administration. We have all data and it is public.

Professional athletes get paid $300 million and so why should I not get paid $128 million for saving 7 billion people’s lives when I started out working against human eating and that is proven and the outgoing administration as well as others are on record as having desired that reality against the American people we defeated. We need to identify who wanted to harm the American people and never pay them. And they can pay me at my home. All of my data needs to be added against outgoing to include the mortgage fraud investigation

Our work against harvesting has been credited to the incoming administration as the outgoing administration and even trump wanted it to happen. The alien agenda admitted, “We’ll just pick them up when they have the hand stamp” and Donald Trump took his side and admitted, “That wasn’t supposed to happen for another 2-3 years,” so this administration has taken credit for the defeat of the extraterrestrials and will not hand stamp one American. It is nice to have Dr Jill Biden in the White House and we have no fears of human eating, as Melania wanted that to happen and worked for russia as a russian spy and I have that on record.  We get credit for our victories against the alien agenda and I can collect payment. Others had been working on harvesting and they are working against us and they should not have credit for their defeat. Biden won the election and we need to move away from all white alien agenda material

“I was in on the harvesting” are other individuals who should not collect payment from Biden

We need forward readiness in space with no silver ships belonging to the white aliens who were tied to cocaine.

Gold program should be happening and we should use our surplus for good purposes

We own all 9 planets with the incoming administration and “Ann Diener owns the Planet” should be delivered and I work hard for the American people.

We consider it a violation of the 14 Amendment to accept bribery from our adversaries and San Diego District Attorney’s where the satan worshipping was going on from received their resignation notices when the Biden justice department came in.

Smart Id had been banned as soon as the resignation notices went out to them. This eliminated their drug laundering and allowed us to keep our Driver’s Licenses.

I am free to talk to the media as an American journalist and a public servant working against our adversaries and our planetary rights are exclusive for humans

When do I get paid for work I have done


Biden won

“I thought I could give residual income to the administration that was filled with corruption,” said Gordon Duff this morning about the apartment homes and they are running drugs to for Trump. We are ready to arraign all of the drug laundering from this vantage point. We have gazillions in the Biden administration and let them self fund. It is the Russian side he worked for with Cheney to include Paul Ryan and his minions in Congress. We have kept our gold standards for Biden. These apartments are their own doing and Duff said this morning, “I am going to run drugs from offshore for these apartments,” and how do you pay for your home? These are turned in individuals and Christopher Wray was arrested on drug charges in Los Angeles.

I am a private citizen and Duff admitted, “I am going to work for the other commander in Chief,” referring to Trump. He is not the other commander in chief anymore. Duff,  George W Bush, wanted to kill me for going to the Bernie Sanders rally here in Vista, CA in 2016 and there were hitmen in the background. They are criminally complicit in harming honest politicians. What do people say about Romney? He is a snake oil salesman and dishonest. They cannot retain any commander in chief nor the Presidency. We have the differential paid to Janet Yellen and they continue to attempt to operate out of my home and deserve to be sued. No one can force anyone to have sex with someone corrupt and turned in. I intend to collect victim’s compensation from Biden. “If Bernie Sanders had won there would have been no alien landing” and we have killed them.

They used my couch this morning and compared it to the governor who is sleeping with his wife, and in reality I have slept on a couch since Robert L Stevenson paid for my rape.

Our testimony should have been admitted during the impeachment. Duff accepted bribery from our adversaries and is connected with Russia, prostitution and war crimes. Why is he not arraigned yet and the methamphetamine transactions from before line up with what he did all along. Feeding the cocaine and harming honesty in politics. Should I call the FBI again and they keep using the fact that aliens may land here to extort funds. When I worked to save our planet, it was done to save every American and the Biden administration benefitted from the work of eradicating the aliens in retaining the gazillions of dollars. I deserve payment in the $50 million range for our planet we own. When can I get compensated for 24 years of harm conducted by Stevenson with his implants and invasion of privacy to his drug running

I have a boyfriend who is against their drug running, rape and accepting payment from our adversaries which is something they all did. Biden and Sanders are innocent and we own our 9 planets

I am honest and qualified. We have Constitutionalism and Freedom of Speech.

Honest depositions had been filed to pay the differential to Janet Yellen. They agency men obstructing the depositions have also been fired by Biden Administration officials.

“We can barely afford to make up the costs on the apartments,” said Romney friends.  We have nothing to do with their apartments and need to stop all drug running

Their agency has been disbanded. Trump lost the election. Biden won and I am a Sanders supporter and have publicly declared that repeatedly. Cocaine planet ended and we are glad.


Consumer Debt vs. War Debt

Biden won and shooting spree ended. Found out, your debt as the American people is much lower than the war debt, so individuals ran an extortion regimine to steal from the Biden treasury to pay themselves. Every day they know that money back is there and that their war debt is owned by a few individuals who collect their money to the paypoints account where they keep spending because the consumer debt could never be as high. It is up to Biden who to pay. We the American people earned the money back during the outgoing administration and it is up to you to request it over the war powers act individuals who reclaim their debt daily. “Can we get a check paid today,” is what they say and we ask that too.  The American consumers deserve their money.

With the money the American consumers can pay of their debt and allow those individuals to bankrupt themselves. We have more diversity now and everyone owns our planet. We do not need to run the war powers act every day for them to reclaim their debt and for them to collect payment from you through Biden. They are collecting your money daily for the expenses you did not know about that they spend on your behalf as it is claimed. Do we need more wars and armaments or would you like to get a check paid? We do not need to borrow to build a huge war machine and to credit their war machine rather than having good foreign policy and providing for the common defense based on real needs not manufactured ones.  The American people could be paid through direct payments through the treasury and a war crimes tribunal could happen in Los Angeles.

It would be a star studded wedding of its own kind, in the media, a reward for service each and every American who owns his or her planet and able to correct once the narratives are corrected about the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Who profited and how and how they bleed you dry, Democrats and Republicans want to know and see them on camera, those war criminals to discuss their expenditures and how they receive a check back. The American people could not have caught them without my trip to Los Angeles.

Please continue to find those who use the war powers act against consumer debt guilty as charged. Consumer debt could be at an all time high and we could never even come close to the war debt that has occurred since 9/11. So how do we eliminate the war debt that has occurred and national debt is used for example. It is $77 trillion dollars and we do not need to spend anymore on them. It is up to him how to bankrupt them.

Their  scam exposed and I am an American strategist. The American people expect change with the Biden Administration and could be excited to finally have an understanding where their money goes, and we have the ability to keep it in their coffers now.  This gives him the maximum strength against those individuals we have been up against to collect payments for our side.  We need to stop debt payments to them. We can expose the real truth so that all Americans are savvy about our expenditures. Bernie Sanders can win and we can set up our own account to collect payment for peace in Israel so we do not need to hear “Mow the lawn” and be charged in debt through the paypoints account for the bombs used. We have more Palestinians then and Ehud Barak working hard today for peace. Constitutionalist and working hard to expose how the American people are often fooled into insolvency. The American people are important to Biden and me. Good times