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Smokescreen: East Versus West Ukraine, Comment by Rostislav

I wanted to publish this comment in its entirety because of the perspective it offers for the Western reader who is in effect blind to opposing sides in the discussion on Ukraine. We are fed a very foreign perspective not found in Ukraine and definitely not in Russian speaking Ukraine, only in America. Once America achieves its obligations to one country’s people where a conflict has ensued to create a truly positive outcome, I will believe that it is possible for us to care for the people’s rights in a country. Perceived benefits to be obtained have not been typically fulfilled in the countries where conflict has occurred. If you have a story that contradicts this, please email me and I will publish it. I am pro-Ukraine remaining united, and I wish our leaders would have the courage to acknowledge all sides and help develop a mutually beneficial solution. Ukraine could be the diplomatic bridge between East and West, if this bridge only had a chance from all sides. I enjoyed this comment even though I did not agree with it entirely, I wanted to publish it. It comes from the article entitled, “DECONSTRUCTING THE RESULT OF THE FOUR PARTY TALKS.” I wanted these talks so badly. I wanted all sides to come up with a resolution to create a beneficial outcome for everyone and avoid war for stupidity that costs everyone. Here is the site where you can read the article ,and here is the comment by Rostislav:

It is much easier to campaign on an independent pro Russian state made of the Eastern and Southern Ukraine in union with the Russian Federation as the Soviet Ukraine was in union with the RSFSR. It is much more salutary to restructure a new Ukraine of Center, South and East, excluding the West in its own, separate and new deNazified state.

The biggest smokescreen here in all of this Ukrainian crisis legerdemain is that this is somehow East versus West Ukraine. This created enmity and national divorce is a symptom of a larger disease. Who is paying for this civil war? Well, there is a reason why the Maidan seized power without trying the electoral process. Because the appeal of the Orange Revolution and its political platform lost its electoral majority and credibility in Ukrainian politics. There is a reason why a Central – Western dictatorship was declared over the East and South: because electorally a pro EU/NATO orientation alienating and antagonizing Russia has no mandate Ukraine-wide when the East and South are allowed to participate in the political process. There is a reason why Neo NAZI Svoboda, Right Sector, C14 with not a few salutes from Batkivschina and UDAR has been allowed to form fascist cadres which have been armed and set loose on the Eastern and Southern Ukraine: decentralized but state sponsored terror in a situation like this allows a politically unpopular minority to suppress the political will of all majorities, because public policy is established by intimidation, secret arrests, murders, etc. They are using these fascists for the clear purpose of dominating a national electoral process which will allow all Western political objectives to be pursued, Since these groups are Neo NAZI, once the electorate has been brought down and deceived into “accepting the electoral will of the Ukraine,” the NAZIs can then be easily “removed” from the scene by turning the pressure valve to the East and “calling on the Easterners to save the Ukraine from fascism.” After, of course, their electoral victories are established (with Russia supposedly intimidated out of this Banana Republic CIA directed operation on its border by “crippling sanctions”) to “save the Ukraine.” Then a member of the Party of Regions will claim some sort of Western backed mandate (and Russia’s blessing), “create a government of national reconciliation” and lead the “crusade for a fascist free Ukraine,” where Svoboda, Right Sector, C 14 muckity mucks will end up with UDAR or Batkivschina or some “Petlurist Anti-Fascist Party” allowing “a united Ukraine to rise against hooliganism.”

And the same, woeful scenario of Ukrainian dysfunctional politics of the last 23 years will go on and on.

No, this Ukrainian politics is going to be delivered to Brussels in an EU funded casket draped with an American flag with Greystone pall bearers.

Who benefits from this? Who has made the money, pays Shuster’s check to say “we must not mention the names of people not here” except of course when it is “Hitler Putin”? Who is the one who always wins whether it is Kravchuk, or the Orange Revolution or Party of Regions? Who are the billionaires while the Ukraine is billions in debt? Akhmetov, Kolomoisky, Taruta, Poroshenko, Timoshenko, et al. People want to crusade against corruption? They want to know what will save the Ukraine? They want to know why the country is breaking apart and falling into chaos and civil war? STATELESS OLIGARCHY is the cause of the Ukrainian Civil War. These are the people whom the Ukrainians should rise up against if they “want to combat corruption and create a brighter future for their children.” Such a political platform could possibly even resurrect the dead corpse of the artificial state called the Ukraine. Of course, we all understand that fascism (AKA UKRAINIAN NATIONAL ETHNOGENESIS [ethnic cleansing]) and oligarchy would never allow such “Russian destabilization.”

Who in their right mind would celebrate a NAZI collaborationist movement responsible for the genocide of 500,000 Jews, Ukrainians, Poles, Roma, Russians, etc.? Who in their right mind would celebrate a movement whose entire program received a swastika imprimatur from Hitler’s Reichstag? Who in their right mind would believe that they could pull off some sort of Big Lie Fraud and shout loud enough to the world and to the Ukraine “that Stepan Bandera was not a NAZI war criminal” only to when they were found out belch revisionist, nonsense which distills to the rarified stupidity of “the defeat of NAZI Germany was a disaster for the Ukrainian nation,” that “the Red Army was a worse enemy of the Ukrainian people than the German Wehrmacht,” and that “the Galician Waffen SS Division emobodied the vision of patriotic forces and the best aspirations of patriotic Ukrainians.” It takes a certain sort of delusional ignorance to hold to these types of idiotic ravings, which are clearly fringe positions, but have somehow been mainstreamed by the EuroMaidan.

Playing on the basest and most deranged aspects of Ukrainian nationalism, the oligarchs have created a disorganized chaotic mass of orcs to take the attention off of them and thereby spin a message of “democratic Maidan as a struggle against corruption inherited from supposed ‘Russian interference in Ukrainian internal affairs’.” Here we are today with Russophobia and Neo NAZI-ism running violent cover for the oligarchs. Igor Kolomoisky is the enemy. Not Vladimir Putin. If someone needs to be sanctioned (in every meaning that that word can possess), his sanction is a more fitting measure to bring de-escalation and peace to the Ukraine than economic threats against Vladimir Putin’s Russia.

The Ukraine has a Yeltsin government, and look where it stands. The West wants to use the Ukraine to insert another Yeltsin government in Russia to create an even larger Ukraine.

Russia did not want to get involved in the Ukrainian struggles between East, West, Regions, Batkivschina, Maidan, Yanukovich, because there was nothing to be gained from paternalism in an ethnically confused and conflicted economic basket case experiencing the forces of Western funded ethnic polarization which were sparking demographic fissures and sociological disengagement which was/is offering every rebuttal to the quack ultra-nationalist claims of Ukrainian ethnogenesis. (Legitimate ethnogesis is not the work of brown shirts.) All Russia needed to do was simply sit back, make money and let the Ukraine fall apart on its own until it began voting itself into separate regions forming new nations. That is the trajectory of today’s Ukrainian political climate, carnage. Russia was pulled in to pay for an EU/NATO/US Ukraine, to stabilize it, to “be punished for being an upstart which would not sing ‘Uncle Sam uber alles’,” to begin its own process of “democratic regime change” ala the Orange Revolution (or Maidan in current Western dementia).

Going forward, Russia has a simple task actually. Economic enforcement. Don’t pay your bills? Well, you lose. Pay your bills but act in ways to breach your contracts, your prices go up. If you don’t want to pay? You lose. China will buy the energy. Don’t want to build pipelines? China is someone who does. India needs a higher standard of living and is a reliable trade partner. You don’t want to disarm Right Sector? Well, a “Berlin Airlift” of Russia’s very own could be conducted. Don’t want to talk to the East and send Galician fascists to occupy cities and murder and intimidate civilians? Russia could recognize the breakaway governments of these regions as legitimate and answer calls for humanitarian aid and advisors. Don’t want to hold the oligarchs accountable and take their money first to rebuild the Ukraine? Russia’s tens of billions are not going to be sent to Kiev so that Igor Kolomoisky can siphon off more money to send to a Cayman bank. EU, you “pay the bill” like you did for Greece and see how long the Ukraine is in your orbit (you should never have taken the bait of Polish Neo-Prometheanism, Europe!) As a matter of fact, EU/USA/NATO, you want Russia to stabilize the Ukraine for you? Write Russia a check after clearing all sanctions. Russia is in a winning situation in the Ukraine by doing nothing. By simply providing a pole for the Eastern and Southern Ukraine to gravitate toward once the Ukraine collapses is enough. Feeding, clothing, medicating, treating the East and South with dignity will go much further than any Maidan could ever go. Then the peoples’ governments of the various regions of the Ukraine gain credence and the situation is resolved.

Let’s think for a minute about the reality of a “Novorossija.” Inclusion of Ukrainian regions in the Russian Federation will mean an increase in these peoples’ living standards, pay, economic opportunity and promote the native and historical ethnogenesis of these regions. Inclusion in a Eurasian Union having a political and economic charter not unlike the old Soviet Union carries a similar benefit to regions of the Ukraine. This is academic. What is also academic is that the Russian Federation gets the pain and absorbs the costs of the integration of these regions and experiences the same types of economic corrections West Germany did when it absorbed East Germany. But, honestly, how much will Russia have to pump into the current artificial state of the Ukraine over the next twenty years to “keep it stable and democratic”?

Having the Ukraine led by Galicia will only break it apart quicker. Kiev can choose to come along into an Eurasian Union if it wants. But Galicia and the West have to be separated from the territory of any future, stable and prosperous Ukraine. The best thing for Russia is to leave the Central Ukraine with Galicia. That will end Galician “ukrainoznavstvo” for all Ukrainians once and for all.

Bottom line. The oligarchs have to return their ill gotten gains and stolen Ukrainian wealth and answer to the Ukrainian people. In the case of Igor Kolomoisky who has commissioned the murder of Ukrainian citizens and incited ethnic violence by financing and contriving the new “anti Semitism revelations” in the “separatist East,” charges of high treason should be pressed. Regime change in the Ukraine begins not with clowns like Yatsenyuk and Turchinov and Tyagnibok, it begins with removal of the oligarchs.

The Eastern and Western Ukraine are victims. The West moreso willingly than the East. They are pawns in the games played by oligarchs trying to steal more money and protect the pilfered fortunes they have already stolen from Ukrainian national wealth. Any real resolution of the Ukrainian quagmire means the thieving oligarchs have to be put out of business. If Russia does get involve, that means that the oligarchs, not Galician idiots, are the prime targets. Simply, for V V Putin to run the Ukraine in 18 months, he would not have to even use military intervention. He could simply sit by and use diplomacy and “humanitarian relief” to “aid and alleviate the humanitarian crisis in Eastern and Southern Ukraine” while dusting off the old KGB architecture aimed at “neutralizing personal assets which are a direct threat to the stability of democratic workers’ interests.” In this way, the dominoes fall, and the shanty town certain people made of the Ukraine starts getting torn down and being improved by its own people. East and West Ukraine turns its gaze at these oligarchs being deposed and does something a little more constructive than SS marches and mob violence for Russophobia and ethnic cleansing.

Just a few thoughts about a few different Ukrainian scenarios.

America’s Two Party System- For the Elites and To Cover Up What is Really Happening

I spent days reading many blog articles trying to understand the situation in Ukraine. I keep expecting the State Department to be the great diplomat, listening to and understanding all sides then developing the best solution to bring all sides together. But, it never happens anymore. I tweet about it, talk about it on Facebook and try to ask our leaders to do this, but they don’t. Perhaps I was always naive, believing that America was a country based on our ideals, that we were not bought and paid for like the rest, but finally, I am willing to admit my idealism is incorrect, and that’s fine. I think that we should change our two party system to feature prominently its rightful names on the ballot. Why not just call it the Haves and Have Nots? If you are a Have, you control foreign policy and are willing to risk everyone’s assets so you personally may gain. If you are a Have Not, your “interests” do not matter and the Haves can do anything they want with your money, freedoms and even in their hubris, if they are wrong, turn your assets over to the rival through debt that you are responsible for. The Haves have the benefit of the real two party system which is designed to divide and conquer. This in reality forms the cover-up for the Haves because we are too busy arguing with each other and attacking one another to notice we are being controlled by the Haves who enjoy taking both sides for sport. Any questions on that you can see that the elites have funded both sides of just about every conflict. Look it up.

Does President Obama realize how vulnerable we are on the world stage right now? China and Russia are benefiting from our failures in Iraq and Ukraine. Someone at the State Department needs to tell him that, but I am sure that they must be happy with America’s weakness based on its overreach, because no one is talking that way. That is why I titled this article an America’s Two Party System, we have become a Have or Have Not party country, no matter what your party is. “Interests” are interests. Some of the elites, Haves, do make mistakes. They too insure their demise if they are not part of the .001%, who probably make fun of them. The .999% do their dirty work for the perceived 1% crowd which is really the .001% crowd. For the .999% of the 1%, I would like to ask a question, “Do you think you are in with them, or will you be caught, a front person for them so that they may escape away? You know you have made ridiculous money. Are you willing to hurt those who could be and in fact are you?” Perhaps the answer is yes, that’s why Secretary of State John Kerry is not questioned. “Where is that multilateralism, Mr. Kerry? Why do you work for “them,” or do you? Will you stand up for us as President John F. Kennedy did or is your new inheritance your blindfold that keeps you away from helping US?” Our sniveling, sad, American foreign policy where we hope as citizens you are doing your job. Yes you have a job that you swore allegiance to our Constitution to protect us against Them too.

Our job is to maintain peace, balance and American interests for its people, not its corporations. This means not to create conflict for NATO’s benefit or oligarch’s profits or even to put the country in jeopardy for companies like Cargill, Chevron, etc. The companies win and we loose. We loose financially and ideologically by not following our own “democratic” principles overseas and are slowly becoming the laughing stock of “democracy” internationally. We are supposed to favor ballots not coups and take-overs. If our foreign policy does not become more like our national policy then what are we fighting for? Do you think that governments and people around the world do not see what $5 billion did in Ukraine? Perhaps it is like our national policy that favors the wealthy now in cases of campaign contributions and voter suppression laws. So perhaps, you are doing a good job enabling the two party system, the Haves and Have Nots.

My guess is that in the “End Game,” Americans will loose stability financially, diplomatically and the people of the world will no longer see a glimmer of the shinning light that America once was for freedom, civil rights and democracy as an ideal for all governments to follow. We are nearing that dark, blind spot in the world where our rivals will be in control, not based on their aggression but on our imperialism. Every war we have fought since 2001 has put them more in control of us, and they have gained many financial benefits. These include access to more resources including oil and natural gas, new partnerships because of conflict with us and a potential change away from the dollar as the reserve currency. In addition, we have emboldened terrorism in the Middle East through Syria and Iraq. Why is our foreign and national policy stacking the deck against the America people? All roads seem to lead to the .001% who would benefit from a controlled, surveilled society where no one has wealth but them and their henchmen. Perhaps this is doom and gloom, but with no care for diplomacy, our ideals, true democracy and contrasting positions, what else can there be? I’ll try to keep the light on for you but its becoming a dark, cold night.

Questioning the IS:IS PORTAL ACTIVATION PART 1 Easter 2014 04-20-2014?

I had an interesting yet spiritually scary encounter with the people promoting the IS:IS PORTAL ACTIVATION PART 1 Easter 2014 04-20-2014 / 04-21-2014. They discouraged participants from protecting themselves with their own heart energy. I did not feel comfortable posting the information on Facebook. I suspect they potentially may want to hurt people and/or don’t understand spiritual sovereignty because no one who is spiritually aware would discourage participants from protecting themselves with their own energy. They then tried name calling. How strange is that? 

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China, Petroyuan- American Leaders have Heads in Sand or is it Nixon’s Plan?

Reading the article in Veterans Today about “China’s power move against the US dollar,” it is so frustrating to watch US loose. I have been watching this since 1997, and while it is not surprising that we are loosing the currency battle, it is amazing that no one sticks up for our country financially. The average people work every day, have families and struggle to make it while bankers and government officials negotiate our future. That is what we pay them for, but how do we know they are working on our behalf and not for themselves?

We would assume that someone is watching? With all of the mass NSA surveillance, the CIA masterminds, Think Tanks and government sponsored research, we assume that we would be protected, but it seems no one is watching. One of the most telling portions of the article is a quote by Paul B. Farrell, “Early warnings of a crash are dismissed over and over (“just a temporary correction”). They gradually numb us about the inevitable. Time after time we forget history’s lessons. Until finally a big surprise catches us totally off-guard. Financial historian Niall Ferguson put it this way: Before the crash, our world seems almost stationary, deceptively so, balanced, at a set point. So that when the crash finally hits — as inevitably it will — everyone seems surprised. And our brains keep telling us it’s not time for a crash.

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World Peace Agreement Set to Be Signed April 15, 2015

From APN (Animals for Peace Network), April 1, 2014

A formal agreement between all countries, peoples, plants and animals will be signed on April 15, 2015. All people, animals and plants residing on Earth have determined to live and work together. They have uniformly decided that dominionism is a mistranslation, it should have been stated in the Bible, “And God blessed ALL, and God said unto them, “Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and CARE FOR IT: and HUMANS SHALL SERVE AS CUSTODIANS OF the fish of the sea, and OF the fowl of the air, and OF every living thing that moveth upon the earth.”

Please join President Barak Obama at the White House for the formal signing of the agreement at 11 am on April 15, 2015. This may be his most powerful accomplishment while in office, so please be there.

April Fools… Don’t we wish!

Sovereignty: Our Need to Uphold It on All Sides

With the Western escalation of the situation in Ukraine by basically attempting to put NATO at Russia’s front door, we have to wonder what our political leaders are thinking, and if they are not aware of Russian interests and sovereignty. While I am not a fan of Russian policy towards internal control and potential manipulation, our lack of ability to look at ourselves and the real danger our actions may cause is disconcerting. The West is using Russia’s protection of their naval base in Crimea and for ethnic Russian people in Crimea, who have themselves chosen Russia over a Western backed “revolution,” to increase dominance in an area of historical, political and military significance that is almost sacred to Russia. Western leaders are not attempting to understand, balance all interests and come to mutually accountable talks and agreements between Ukraine, the European Union and Russia. If the “revolution” had been provoked by a less favored country, it would have been called a coup to potentially secure military dominance, and we would have fought against it.

For example, if Russia would have invested $5 billion in a pro-Russian revolution in Poland, employed diplomats and protestors to assist in a mass pro-Russian uprising in the country, had FSB assets on the ground handing out leaflets on how to protest and then not investigated an event where snipers on roof tops shot both protestors and police, while Russia was saying the government in power did this to the Russian leaning protestors, and while shortly after international officials were caught on tape suspecting it was the Russians themselves that killed the protestors and police, the West would be screaming “coup!” even if the leader in power was as corrupt as former President Viktor Yanukovych. So why is this not happening now. and what are the unseen implications?

I read an interesting comment the other day on Veterans Today in an article entitled Russian Defense Minister urges Hagel to stay cool by Arjan, who said, “Is it totally out of the question that the real objective of the true powers of this planet is to bring Putin and Russia to world power? I do not have totally convincing reasons to think this, just some small clues.

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Letter to Governor Brown on Partnership with Israel on Economic development, Research and Trade

After seeing this article, “Gov. Jerry Brown brags on signing historic agreement with Netanyahu in Silicon Valley,” here is the letter I wrote, you should write one too.

Dear Governor Brown,

I am against our state entering into an international agreement with Israel while there is a tremendous amount of concern over the treatment of the Palestinian people in Gaza and the West Bank. We as a state should not choose to condone the illegal settlements and potentially internationally criminal war tactics committed by Israel.

Israel appears to be weakening in regards to relations with the US, EU and many other countries, and my concern is that now that the Boycott Divestment and Sanctions movement is working and finally about to bring a change for peace in the Middle East through the Palestinians plight gaining recognition, Israel is reaching out to the states, such as ours.

Are we as a state going to work with business entities located in the settlement areas? I would like a response to this question because it must be clear to Californians what we are getting involved with.

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Will Ukraine be the next Greece or Spain? Austerity May Come Without US Diplomacy

Ukraine East and West

When you watch the toppling of statues of Lenin by the opposition movement in Ukraine, they are making a clear statement. According to the Daily Mail, “Around 100 of the so-called ‘reclining Lenins’ have reportedly been destroyed according to an interactive map released by Euromaidan, the opposition movement organisers.” A statue is easy to topple but a relationship is hard to change when it is mutually beneficial.

According to the CIA World Factbook, 25.6% of all Ukrainian exports are to Russia with 32.4% of its imports being from Russia. In addition the majority of the debt of the country is held by Russia including $3 billion recently provided of the $15 Billion promised in aide last year.

“Interim Ukrainian finance minister Yuriy Kolobov has warned that the “planned volume of macroeconomic assistance for Ukraine may reach around $35 billion (25 billion euros)” by the end of next year,” according to an article by AFP.

With that much debt expected and the potential for reduced exports and higher prices oil and gas, if Russia employs these tactics, the country could be in a very severe financial situation that may force extreme reforms which may be “suggested” by the International Monetary Fund such as those that have been imposed on Spain or Greece, which spurred austerity measures focused on the average citizen, not the billionaires.

The current leadership in the Ukraine seems to be waiting for a western bailout. Acting President Oleksandr Turchynov said the new government should be formed quickly so that the country can secure as much as $35 billion in financial aid.

What guarantees lie ahead for investors are unclear because of the precarious situation with Russia and also potential issues with the Euro itself.

Greg Palast, author of Billionaires and Bandits, said in 2012, “The Euro was the ultimate in supply side economics, designed to perform exactly as it has done in an economic crisis – strip away traditional economic tools of recovery and push states into “internal devaluation”, privatisation and attacks on labour rights. It’s performing perfectly.”

This makes you wonder if that is what the revolutionaries want for their economy? Or are they just not aware, yet.

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LENR- E-CAT and NASA Aircraft – and Blacklight Power Defying Old Constructs of the Atom to Create New Power

The word atom is, in itself, an anomaly. It comes from the Greek adjective atomos, meaning “indivisible.” So, when thinking about nuclear power, whether it is hot fusion, conventional nuclear reactions that occur at tens of millions of degrees, or what is termed as LENR, low energy nuclear reactions, either process in itself defies the word because these reactions involve altering the atom, or what was previously seen as “indivisible.”

In the alternative power community there has been a lot of talk about LENR as of late because of many important developments, as well as recent validations on technologies by many experts. These low energy nuclear reactions are now standing in defiance of the conventional hot fusion based nuclear technology and may be winning.

The differences between LENR and conventional nuclear fission is that LENR is based on fusion, the process the sun uses to create light and heat versus nuclear fusion and fission. Conventional nuclear processes involve a system where energy is produced from nuclear binding energy that is released by either fusing together two light nuclei or when heavy nuclei split.

One other important differences of LENR is that the process utilizes non-radioactive materials, so there is no radioactive waste.

Based on what is happening with a company called E-Cat, we may even be able to have one of these units in our homes in the very near future. Inventor, Andrea Rossi just recently sold rights to his LENR technology, Energy Catalyzer (E-Cat) to Industrial Heat LLC from Raleigh/Durham, North Carolina.

A primary goal of the company is to make the technology widely available, because of its potential impact on air pollution and carbon dioxide emissions from burning fossil fuels and biomass,” said Industrial Heat in their press release on January 24, 2014. “Mr. (JT) Vaughn confirmed IH acquired the intellectual property and licensing rights to Rossi’s LENR device after an independent committee of European scientists conducted two multi-day tests at Rossi’s facilities in Italy.”

“The world needs a new, clean and efficient energy source. Such a technology would raise the standard of living in developing countries and reduce the environmental impact of producing energy,” said Vaughn speaking on behalf of Industrial Heat.

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